Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Uncle Ringo at iLight Marina Bay Sands

This year, iLight is back at Marina Bay Sands. Although I did not have to chance to visit the exhibits, I was totally lost in the fun at Uncle Ringo's Carnival at Marina Bay Sands!

Carnival games like these are ultra rare for the current world, kids will not understand the urge to spend all your fortune trying to get that plush toy you want from the carnival games. I use to beg my parents for "1 More Try" which is like maybe 5 more tries! Haha!

Now, As technology improves, Uncle Ringo went from collect cash for the games, to issuing play cards for convenience! Just Tap and Play! Bonus: You get to keep the card!

Here's me trying the minion booth, SO CUTE isn't it! That aim took approximately 30 seconds and it did not hit anything off the table. #sucksatcarnivalgames

Then there's this twisty metal game where you have to hoop the metal ring through the twirling metal rod from top to bottom. Super hard I Swear! But this gentleman over here won a baby mickey for his girlfriend la! So Jealous!!

Then I screamed when I saw this cute pooh plush toy dressed in monkey suit! Haha! Tried like 3 times here and still didn't win anything. :(

AND THEN I SAW...... MINIONS! AHHHHHHHHHH! I had to try again! Hahaha! It seemed so easy, all we had to do is to throw balls into the milk churn, how hard can it be?

Very difficult apparently. Look at that serious face and the miss aim of the milk churn. T_____T 

After all the fun, I was really glad to relieve my childhood memories at Uncle Ringo's Carnival Games! Check out their facebook to locate the nearest carnival to you! Thank you so Francis for the invite and my partner in crime that night, Janel for snapping photos for me!

And with much much Thanks to Uncle Ringo himself who came down to visit us and play bumper car with us! Although he say I drive no license. HAHAHA!

Cheers to more money so that I can play at Carnival Games! HUAT AH Uncle Ringo!

With Love, M

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