Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gills & Shells @ Hotel Boss

I was invited by a friend to visit Gills & Shells for a dinner with my group of friends.
Located at Hotel Boss. it is just a 5 minutes walk away from Lavender MRT. Take Exit B and walk straight out until you see Hotel Boss. It's really not hard to miss this huge and brand new hotel.
So what's with Gills & Shells?
Gills & Shells is A Modern European Restaurant focusing on serving the best and the freshest seafood I what brings Gill & Shells out differently from the rest. Open by couple Jayson and Coreen, it is the perfect spot for locals and tourists to enjoy a cozy meal with its friendly modern ambience. The menu features their Chef's Daily Catch of freshest Seafood, Lobster and Oysters.

½ Dozen Freshly Shucked Oysters - $22.90
Served with homemade marmalade and French red wine vinegar sauce.
Personally I did not try them at all due to my previous experience with oysters bu my diner companions said that the oysters were really fresh & accompanied by the Homemade Marmalade and French Red Wine Vinegar sauce. The Homemade marmalade was so addictive! If you do not like raw oysters like me, Gills & Shells offer Baked oysters too! At the same price!

Wild Mushroom Soup - $6.90
If there is 1 thing to make you visit Gills and Shells, it will be their generous serving of Truffle oil in their dishes. I was like "Wah the truffle oil no need money one ah!" Haha! Their Wild Mushroom Soup is Made Fresh daily, drizzled with Truffle oil and served with In-house made Garlic Focaccia Toast. Souper Shiok la!

Not to be missed out is their Truffle Fries - $10.90 which yet again has generous amount of Truffle oil, which made us go on and on. I would like to highlight Gills & Shells Crab Cakes - $12.90 as well because its full of crabby flavour! It's a pity that I forgot to take a photo of its internal to show you how packed it is!

There are 2 sauce options for the Clams & Mussels - $15.90 - Spicy white wine clear broth with herbs, garlic, onions & chilli OR Smoky herb tomato garlic sauce. Both are served with Focaccia Toast. We went for the first option and BOY it was so Good I want to lick the plate dry! Gills & Shells is very generous with their seafood. The homemade toast, when soaked up with the sauce, it is simply divine. I would be back for more!

If you are craving for a Lobster Roll, look no further, Gills & Shells' Lobster Roll - $24.90 is packed with Succulent lobster roll meat tossed in Chef’s specialty sauce! Tucked in a homemade brioche bun, it is a great catch!

Kids and Adults will love this Crab Meat Pasta - $18.90 from Gills & Shells! It is meticulously made with cream, cheese, chunky crabmeat & wild Fungi. The cream is not Ge-lat (cloying) and the generous amount of crabmeat and fungi made me want to finish it on my own. Oops!

While I didn't taste this 200gram of Australian Prime Rib Eye - $25.90, my fellow diners were enjoying it! Grilled to a Medium Rare doneness, no pink was visible but the meat was tender in every bite. 

The Most Creative Dish of the night has to be the Truffle Infused Cod - $24.90. Why creative? It is because, Chef Xavier infused some local flavours into this dish. Nobody would have guessed that it was topped with Chye Poh (Preserved Turnips), something which locals could relate to but we never thought that it would taste so good with the cod! MUST TRY! It is served with a side of Saffron Rice. Oh my god, take me back now~

No meal is complete without desserts. Gills & Shell's Tiramisu - $10.90 (Contains Alcahol) & Brownie with Ice Cream - $10.90 was a great end to the night. The pot of Tiramisu was divine with every mouthful a burst of flavour. 

Thank you to Coreen for the invite and here's a photo pretty Coreen and Chef Xavier, who came to cook despite his leg injury. 
Kudos to him and the team!

Gills & Shells
500 Jalan Sultan
#01-19 Singapore 199020
Tel: 6493 2238

Operating Hours:
1500 - 0100 Daily

With Love, M