Thursday, March 31, 2016

Skycart is here!

It's Payday! And what better activity to enjoy this joyous period than to shop! No harm indulging in a little especially when you know that you will be getting quality items from a reliable source and it will be something you love. I will introduce to you, the Skycart Mobile App! 

Skycart just launched their Mobile App! Now we can shop on the go and break our banks! Hahaha! Kidding! Skycart brings you the convenience of "shopping for you" on Taobao, and they have a wide range of korean beauty products for you to purchase too! Available on iOS and Android!

On the app, you can browse through the different pre-organized categories or lookout for the timely sale products that is on the top! Major Savings alert!! I love the clean layout of the order tracking page as it clearly tells me what I bought, how many did I buy and how much. I went crazy over the Power 10 essence as you can see in my cart! Haha!

Tadaaaaa! Here's the 4 Power 10 Formula Essence that I chose.
CO Effector, VC Effector, PO Effector and WH Effector, they are $11 each on Skycart.

The CO effector is packed with collagen, which is best for enhancing elasticity and moisture in the skin.
The VC Effector is the Number 1 selling item in Korea. It is full of Vitamin C and whitening ingredients to effectively brighten the skin.
The PO Effector contains Houttuynia extract which helps to shrink pores to give you a silky smooth complexion!
The WH Effector contains Arbutin & Chamomile to block the formation of melanin pigmentation to give the skin a bright finish.

I was browsing through the app and then I saw this Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser! It's like a Clarisonic but it's from Korean and it's smaller! I've read so much about how clean these babies can do for your skin care regime. I so excited to try this out!

Accessories are also available on Skycart. I had a hard time choosing which one to get, I finally settled on this holographic looking pendant with a gold chain. I got 1 for my sister too! It's really cute. Best thing? Its only $2.50 EACH!

I bought this beautiful pastel colour Statement piece at $6.00 only. It's great for matching any simple outfit to give it a pop!

Best deal is, When you spend over $75 on the Skycart Mobile App, It's FREE DELIVERY! YAY! So Jio all your friends to buy together so that you all can save save save while you shop shop shop!

I'll be back for my reviews on the Power 10 Formula Essences and the Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser!
In the meantime, Hop over to Skycart now!

With Love, M