Monday, March 14, 2016

DYNA Treatment Perm with Headlines by Artistry

After what seems to be like 2 months, I'm back at Headlines by Artistry for my hair pampering session! My roots have grown out badly and the ends of my hair were dryer than dry. lol. Time for Elein to her magic on my hair again!

So this time, Elein suggested to me to do some treatment perm which can last up to 3 months! It's a temporary perm for ladies who would like to try out perming but are afraid that you might get bored of it after awhile. 

This DYNA Treatment Perm will allow you to achieve that perm but it will slowly loose the curls to become more of a natural wavy hair before going back to straight again. So it's like a 2 in 1! 1. Can do Treatment, 2. Can Perm hair. Awesomeeeeee!

After perming, Elein helped me touch up my roots. This machine over here helps the colour to penetrate quicker and I noticed that it forms a heart shape while doing it's job! Cute or what! Haha!

Here's the end result! Though it may not look as beautiful as those Thong-ed hair, but a little difference goes a long way. With this permed hair, I look like I have more volume in my hair as compared to the straight flat hair that I used to have. Perming results may vary from individual as everyone's hair condition is different. If your hair is healthier, the perms will turn out better! Trust me!

Now for Lobang time!
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AND also, if you are dying to try out the DYNA Treatment, there is a special First Trial price just for you! So call them up and book your appointment now!

I shall leave you here with the photos of my beautiful new hair. -Flips-

With Love, M