Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Aesthetics & Beauty - Fabulous & Gorgeous Party


Modern women are always trying to look fabulous and gorgeous 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, and it's no crime to want to be that way. But in our climate in Singapore, it's really difficult to maintain the "Fabulous and Gorgeous" image past lunch time. Luckily I was invited to Aesthetics & Beauty - Looking Fabulous & Gorgeous Party to get to know about some of the products that could help us maintain our image even until our dinner dates, YAY!

Here's Mr Sean, Managing Director of Mapletree Media - Specialist for the Beauty & Luxury Industry addressing the audience and introducing the various sponsors.

We have awesome Sponsors like Bene Premium from Japan, Jane Iredale, Environ, Dr Benjamin Yim and Tealy gracing the event! 

Doctor Ben Checking me while I check myself out. Get It? Hahaha!

After a long break from Beauty Events, I am so glad that I got invited to "Looking Fabulous and Gorgeous" Party! I got to know many wonderful products and gained more knowledge from all the kind partners! Here are the goodies I've got from the party!

All the sponsors are so generous that I had to cab home, Taking a MRT wasn't an option anymore, with the 4 bottles of shampoo/Conditioner from Bene Premium, Goodie bag from Dr Benjamin Yim, Awesome Magazines from Aesthetics & Beauty, Skin Saving Cream from Environ, Yummy Tea from Tealy and the Country Weekend Collection From Jane Iredale!! I can't wait to review each and everyone of them for you to know how good they are!!

Everyone at the party are winners and all smiles on a bright saturday afternoon, Lovely hosted at Lime House. I definitely enjoyed myself with and I sure hope to meet everyone again soon!

So that's all for this short event post. I love the group pictures the most!
Till Next Time, Stay Beautiful! 

With Love, M