Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paradise Dynasty - Rainbow Xiao Long Bao

So, the other day, while I was browsing on Groupon, I came upon Paradise Dynasty's Groupon Voucher. I've always seen it here and there but did not tempt me to buy, but that day, I decided to buy it because I wanted to try out the Rainbow XLB that they offer.

Planned a visit with Tse Lyn for a dinner on a weekday(since we can't use the groupon on weekends) and there we go! Tip: Visit the Vivo outlet before 7pm to get a seat immediately, or if you are in a group of 6 or larger, do make reservations(except ION's Outlet, they do not take reservations)!

I read many good reviews online about their Yang Zhou Fried Rice($10.80) and me being a "rice bucket(饭桶)", I Must order to try! The portion was huge! Enough for 1 Hungry man or 2 hungry women. I am quite a big eater(considering for a girl) and I can barely pass half of it after eating the XLB. The size is great for sharing among 3-4 Girls if you are ordering other things.

Stir Fried Spinach with Mince Garlic($10.80), Not oily at all, lightly seasoned with salt. Very delicious and fresh vegetables. Love the Garlic!! 

And the legendary Rainbow Xiao Long Bao ($14.80 for 8 flavours)! YAY!
1. Original, 2.Ginseng, 3. Foie Gras, 4. TRUFFLE, 5. Cheese, 6. Crab Roe, 7. Garlic, 8. Sze Chuan
You are recommended to eat them in that order to experience maximum enjoyment of the flavours. My personal Favourite would be the Truffle, Original, Garlic and Sze Chuan. :)

It was definitely yummy and I love the atmosphere at the Vivo City Outlet. I will be back! Maybe next time, I'll order a basket of 8 truffle Xiao Long Bao! LOL!

Paradise Dynasty
 Harbourfront Walk #03-08A 
Vivocity, S098585
Tel: 6376 8103

With Love, M