Saturday, November 29, 2014

Know Your Flow Girl!

Today's Post is Totally for the Ladies Out There, Yea you mah girllllll! It's gonna be about your monthly problem called - PERIOD/MENSUS/ BIG AUNT/ TIME OF THE MONTH etc. So If you are a man, and you wish to read on, you are a welcome to understand more about our monthly woes.

What I would like to share today is that:
Heavy periods are anything but Rare or Normal
For most women, menstruation is just part of life, Cramps, Bleeding from time to time down there throughout the day, till the day it all ends. But for women suffering from Heavy Menstrual Bleeding(HMB), it is much more than that and can severely affect their quality of life.

I went for a event the other day where we got to learn more about HMB and I'm going to share some fun facts with you all! We even had the La Senza experts coming in to teach us on proper ways to make our breast comfortable during the time of the month. Yes.

I believe that each of us girls have experienced Pre-menstrual Syndrome(PMS) and sometimes we really wonder if those damn hormones are really playing with us or is it just in our head.. 

But It's TRUE!! PMS is only 1 of the few symptoms we girls face every month. Period can affect our quality of life quite drastically actually. It affects our attendance at work or school, our choice of clothes, our daily activities and also our Sex Life! In conclusion hor, I believe that having period will bring DOWN our self esteem and bring UP our self - consciousness lor! And It is just worst when you have HMB Every Single Month!

So how do you determine if you have HMB?
You Period may be abnormal if you have like most of the Experiences stated below at the "Amount" Row! *Changing of pads means that every 2 hours, your pad is fully soaked kind ah, not like the normal hygiene change, different hor!

Growth of lumps in your uterus might also be causes of HMB, If you have constant Bad cramps that affect your daily life activities, please go seek a doctor's opinion!

And What can we do to ease the pain(literally) of the month:
Keep Track of your menstrual cycle
Exercise Regularly
(Not only when you are having your period then you exercise)
Have a Hot Water Bottle or Maybe Just your favourite Cushion/Pillow
(To hug on to when the cramps gets real bad)
A Massage session to relieve the stress
(A little massage doesn't hurt, and its good for stress relieve too!)

If not, Just Indulge in food, In my opinion, Food always helps!
We were treated to a 4 Course Dinner at OTTO Ristorante, Yum yums!

I had a very fun night with the girls and I learnt so much more about our period! 

Stay Beautiful! ♥

With Love, M