Monday, December 1, 2014

Nagamandala - Opening Act for Kalaa Utsavam 2014

Kalaa Utsavam 2014
An annual festival, Kalaa Utsavam celebrates Indian arts during the festive period of Deepavali – the Festival of Lights.

Launched in 2002 as a three-day festival, Kalaa Utsavam has since grown into a 10-day festival that presents an exciting selection of contemporary and traditional performances by acclaimed Indian artists from Singapore and the sub-continent.

Nagamandala has been commissioned by the Esplanade as the opening act of the Kalaa Utsavam 2014, and marks the first time a local arts group will be headlining the festival.

Nagamandala is a magical, comical, mythical yarn of a young bride, her wayward, neglectful husband and a romantically inclined, shape-shifting cobra. The celebrated playwright Girish Karnad’s award winning play cleverly weaves two Indian folk stories into an intriguing tale. It’s a comedy of errors triggered off by the sheltered, virginal bride has to contend with more than she bargained for from her administration of a love potion to the “wrong party”. The consequence of which is that a
marriage including the attention of a very, very “interested” snake.

From the award winning theatre company, HuM, who brought you Rafta Rafta and The
Kanjoos comes a curious love story directed by and featuring Daisy Irani. In this playful world — one moment inconsequential, the next a Goddess!

The set was simple but the actors made it come alive, It was my first Theatre Show and I enjoyed it!! The actors from HuM Theatres were all so fantastic and I could feel every emotion that they are trying to deliver. The Storyline flowed really well and I could really understand it.

The Vibrant colours lit up the whole stage and the flow of the emotions up and down, just like on a roller coaster. Happy, Sad, Lust, Love, Dilemma, Confused, Anger, Allllll together!
Actress Sharda Harrison
I was so glad that Nagamandala was the opening Act for Kalaa Utsavam 2014 and it is definitely a must watch! Check them out on facebook for more exciting theatre performance!

Behind the Scenes Photos Courtesy of Tysha and Devika on Facebook.

Wonderful Job Guys!

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