Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hotel Clover - European classics with Asian Touches at Clover Gardens

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Clover Garden
33 Jalan Sultan 
#01-02 S198965
Tel: 6297 0377

I am glad to be invited to my first Festive Tasting for Christmas! I enjoy tasting the Festive Menu from Clover Garden located in Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan. Clover Garden celebrated it's unique and immaculate concept with a grand opening on August 2014 at Hotel Clover, making it really new and I can't wait to try out the dishes created by Chef Shawn Yan which has inspirations from European Elegances with Asian touches.

Festive Salad - Consisting of Yellow Fin Tuna sashimi cubes, Compressed Watermelon and Beetroot, presented in a Mosiac Cube formation and completed with a generous scoop of black caviar. Refreshing to the taste bud, eat it in the order of presentation - Watermelon, Beetroot and then Tuna, pairing the Caviar with any one of them would bring another level of experience.

Soup - Warm up the festive mood with a bowl of Cream of Cauliflower, served with prosciutto crisp, poached egg and croutons. The egg, being poached at 65Degrees is deliberately made to be more done and less flowy, but nevertheless, when mixed in with the soup, it added a thicker and more flavoursome taste.

3 options for the Entrée - Triple Textured Tasmanian Salmon, 48-Hour Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs OR Beer Brined Turkey Breast

The triple texture Tasmanian salmon served with the asian touches of Cold Soba, Nashi Pear Purée and grilled king oyster mushrooms. Diners should be excited to taste the crispy salmon skin and then moving on to the tender flesh of the cooked salmon and the slightly raw middle. The whole dish is light and delightful.

Beef Short Ribs with lardons and pearl onions, baby carrot, black truffle mash topped off with red wine reduction. Tender pieces of beef when paired with the red wine sauce, it is such a delight in every mouthful. The truffle mash that came with it was a clear bonus to up the whole game, Strong flavours of truffle infused mash potato made everything complete.

And a what's a Festive Dinner without a sweet ending to it - Traditional Christmas pudding freshly baked with a selection of dried fruits, cranberries and nuts, paired with homemade vanilla ice cream and whisky sauce. Mmmm hmmm... Homemade vanilla ice cream, you could see the pods in there!

The Clover Garden 4-Course Festive Menu is going at $42 Per Pax starting from 1st December 2014 to 10th January 2015. I personally feel that for the price, it is definitely worth it and Hotel Clover is away from the bustling town area which makes it a ideal place for a lovely catch-up with loved ones. So call them now to book your slots!!
If you are not into the festive menu, Clover Garden has a simple yet impressive menu on it own! I love how chef Shawn manage to highlight European Classic with Asian Twist into the menu. He hopes that every diner will enjoy the traditional flavours with new interpretations and presentation. Every dish is a brand new adventure in my opinion!

Tuna Tempura ($12) - Tuna Sashimi wrapped in seaweed, dipped into batter and pan-fried to crisp lying on wasabi mayo and served with Alfonso Mango Salad. Freshness and very Japanese styled appetizer which I truly enjoyed, I love the innovative creation!

Pan Fried Crab Cakes ($11) - Hand-picked by the chef and finely shredded, the sweetness of crab meat matches perfectly with the bits of water chestnut. Seasoned with only black pepper and fresh red chillies, each golden brown crab patty is paired with the chef's special peanut sauce, it's feeling as thai as it it. Or maybe I could call it our own Krabby Patty? -hardcore spongebob fan-

Braised Lamb Shank ($22) - Resting on a bed of the Oh So Awesome and smooth Truffle mash, soaking up the natural jus and topped with vegetable fritters. The crunch of the vegetable fritters could elevate the texture of this dish. This Huge Lamb Shank can easily feed 2 ladies unless you have a big appetite! 

BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs ($22) - Glazed with smokey BBQ sauce, served with truffle fries and garden salad. The baby back ribs are tender and could almost fall off the bone easily, Using my cutlery for this is a waste of flavour, I would rather use my hands if I could!

Duck Confit ($22) - Marinated overnight with Chinese 5 spice, baked to a perfect crisp on the outside and tenderness on the inside. Laid on a bed of the awesome truffle mash and red cabbage, paired with the lychee gastrique, this dish redefines the iconic French's favourite to a whole new level.  

Coconut Pannacotta ($10) - Made from fresh coconut juice, the silky smooth Pannacotta is lightly scented and laced with Gula Melaka. Served with a scoop of home-made vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, this dessert is simple, light and sweet all together.

Mocha Pot De Crème ($10) - Espresso infused Chocolate mousse served with fresh berries and home-made vanilla ice cream. Smooth and rich chocolate mousse is so sinful yet highly pleasurable. A Must Order for chocolate fans, just like myself!


Typing this out makes me salivate and want to go back to clover garden for more! I especially love the Baby back Rib, duck confit, Crab Cakes, Cream of cauliflower and the Coconut pannacotta and the mocha chocolate mousse. OMG, I am almost listing out everything I've tried! It is that good and the price is pretty affordable, so I suggest you make your bookings early to visit this new gem. 

With Love, M