Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm feeling 22~

No, I am acutally really TWENTY-TWO now, Not just feeling it.. Hahahaha!

My 21st Birthday felt like it just past yesterday(a little exaggerating), but I happened to come across the book I made everyone wrote at my birthday party and I could feel the love coming from everyone, I teared.
It wasn't the most fantastic party, neither was it what I wished it to be, but the company of those who turned up and those who wished me are already enough. Thank you all! If you are wondering why did I not blog about my 21st Party at all, It's because there wasn't much photos taken by me because I was busy with lots of entertaining and laughing and eating that I totally forgot to take photos. #oops But If you are real interested, I have a album of the all the polaroid / photos I took that day with everyone who attended at my makeshift Photo wall!  
p.s: I look back at my post last year on my birthday, abit paiseh ley...

Well, Fast forward a year ahead, 5 September 2014, I'm turning 22. No big fancy party this year.
Did the Usual of pampering myself a little, went to do my nails with Susan again!

I call it "Michhysaurous Sweets" because the whole theme is just candy and sweet stuffs! I simply adore it, especially the hand drawn cupcake and ice cream, I had to resist not biting on my finger nails!

Then I got a a few advance present for myself, which I think I deserve. Hahaha! #shopaholic

And what's a birthday celebration without feasting? Le mum never fails to whip up the traditional Mee sua with Egg and Drumstick on my lunar birthday! Super love!

And then the sweet Rosental called for a birthday treat, thank you love! I enjoy your company alot!

Well, Today I'm on leave, I wonder what the boy planned for today.. But anyhooo, I'm heading to bed!
Happy Birthday to myself!

With Love, M