Friday, June 27, 2014

The Tiramiso Hero Cafe at 121 Tyrwhitt Road

I went to Tiramisu Hero awhile back and I absolutely love the interior! We didn't get much food there but I definitely had the Tiramisu. Mmmm.. One of the better ones I've had!

A little about Sir Antonio, the Mascot of The Tiramisu Hero:
Sir Antonio was a Roman street cat by birth. Growing up right behind the café that brews the best coffee in the world, Sir Antonio knew his cocoa better than anyone.His story began in an accidental trip to Venice, where he stumbled upon their famous Italian “pick-me-up”.Tiramisu – a blend of cheese, crème and coffee became Sir Antonio’s life mission. He dedicated his life to bringing only the best tiramisu to satiate anyone’s platter, human or feline.He was celebrated for his undying dedication to perfect and share this dessert, which gained him the title as The Tiramisu Hero. From the streets into homes, Sir Antonio, unmistakable with his black cape, mask and a luscious lock of black fur between his ears, has brought this delectable treat into countless homes, filling them with love and impeccable style.

Truffle Eggs Bacon Roll, ChefChef Curry Baked Rice, Waffles Woo with Banana, Mommahero. ♥

I'm definitely heading back to The Tiramisu Hero to explore the many other flavours of Tiramisu they have, and also to visit Sir Antonio too! Their Truffle Bacon & eggs is pretty interesting but I did not taste the truffle, or was I having a blocked nose that day. The Curry Rice was pretty good, definitely not expecting this from them since I feel that they are more of a dessert cafe, never would have expect their curry rice to be pretty good.
I love how cosy the cafe is and I'm happy to have met Peggy of there too! 

With Love,M