Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Navy at Vivo 2014 with RSS Persistence

A Super Huge THANK YOU to Republic of Singapore Navy for the special tour on board the LST(Landing Ship Tank) - RSS Persistence! Ever since the experience on the LST - RSS Endurance last November, I am always looking forward to the Navy@Vivo Ship tour and the FCU rides! It is really an eye opener for us to be able to step into the massive beauty.

All Photographs in this post is shot by Jinha Kim Photography unless otherwise stated. Do check out his works such as B.A.P concert, Emergency Couple Fan meeting and more Kpop related events!

So what is Navy@Vivo About?
Go from conquering shopping aisles to defending sea lanes. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls and come check out how the Navy protects our vital waterways. One of their landing ship tank, RSS Persistence, will lower her gangway at VivoCity Promenade to visitors. Feel the thrill as you take a ride on board our Fast Craft Utility (FCU) around the Harbourfront waters. Not to be missed out are the weapons and missile simulators on display within VivoCity for all. So come down for a fun-filled day with the Singapore Navy!

Everyday, our navy men will go through the Sunrise and Sunset Ceremony and we are very honored to be able to witness the Sunset Ceremony on board with the crew. The beautiful backdrop of the golden sunset accompanied with the flag lowering ceremony and the Smart Navy men in their Number 1 Uniforms make it such a breath-taking moment. -salutes-

We even had the honor to have the Chief Of Navy - Rear-Admiral Ng Chee Peng to speak to us and also to all invited guest like Navy's 'Pioneer Crew' - the very first batch of Navy sailors back in the 60s. Besides the Pioneer Generation, we've also NSmen, retirees, loved ones of our sailors, friends and supporters of the Navy.

Everyone is enjoying their time onboard the RSS Persistence and we are very glad to have Captain H H Chong to bring us around for the ship tour, he is very humourous and very knowledgeable. He is very patient to attend to all our questions even though it is not related to the ship tour. -hehe-

Ship Tour Highlights

Group Photo with the awesome-est crew and invited guest on board the RSS Endurance.

Photo with LTC Chew! 

Photo with Captain H H Chong!

Photo with Navy Chef and the Delicious Bak Kwa Pizza!

Photo with the Head Chef of RSS Persistence! Thank you for all the delicious food and special pizzas! 

Branding is very important sometimes. 
"Navy@VIVO 29 May - 1 June" - Body Art Artist (LTC Chew)

Tired but happy Navy Men who made our Ship Tour on RSS Persistence a wonderful and enjoyable one! Without everyone's hard work, it will never be a smooth and enjoyable experience.

I hope everyone had a enjoyable experience on board the LST RSS Persistence as much as I do!
I really can't wait for the next Navy@Vivo already! 
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