Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Rants

So Sorry For The Lack of Updates People!
I know I do have some loyal readers, Thank you so much. *Bows* -tears in my eyes-

I have been working a full time job since I finished my school's Attachment period, -sweat-
But for the money $_$ ! -Victory Baby-

& Just to share something nice with you guys!
& what's so big about going to bangkok right?
Because it's my FIRST time taking the AEROPLANE ! OHMYGOD!

Hahaha, I know, you guys must be thinking: "what the heck? this women has never been on an aeroplane?"
YES ! I know, I have not been on an aeroplane YET! But that doesnt mean that I have not been out of Singapore okay! I have taken other modes of transport out of this country okay! Like Ferry and Bus :)
Hahahaha! But I super excited to be going thailand this June ! I know that it's going to be HOT LIKE MAD there but Im well prepared (I think o.o) . I have not packed my bag at all! LOL ! I shall go make up a Packing list now ! I hope I dont miss out anything! :)

Hahahaha! Enough of my ranting! I will update many posts about my thailand trip or maybe just 1 super long ass post! :D Until Then ! LOVE YOU ALL ~