Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello My Dear Readers ! Miss Me ? Haha, Im back ! With my Big Face ! :)

Hahaha! That's Enough ! Now Show you Handsome Boy ! Hahaha !
 This Handsome boy costs $70 ! GOSH ! O_O
Just to introduce this super nice Poster shop located at Cineleisure level 2 !
They will have sales sometimes ! So go grab those posters !

Then le me and le boyf went to Old Town White Coffee at Far East Plaza for Dinner !
It has the same ambience as the one in malaysia ! Cooool ! (Y)

Then I ordered Ice Lemon Tea,

Le Boyf ordered Ice Hazelnut Coffeee! 

& Le Garlic Bread, So-So only !

Time for the Main Dish ! Nasi Lemak !

& this is le boyf Nasi Lemak "Special"

See The Difference ? Hahaha !

Then on the same day, le boyf went to buy his A|X Belt ! Super Nice ! :)

AND Here are my hauls ! Hahaha ! The red Nail stickers is my free gift from the nice uncle !
& look at my michelle brand products! Im stocking up on the michelle brand nail polishes at home! Will post them up on another post! :)

Hahaha! I shall end off here Abruptly !
Bye Bye ! Loves;