Friday, May 25, 2012

Yummy Homemade Cupcakes!

Who's ready for some Super Yummy Homemade Cupcakes ? *Raise Hands*

I was sponsored a box of 16 Cupcakes with 3 different toppings each!

They are all vanilla cupcakes that are not too sweet so you wont get sick of it! :)

First is the pretty Raspberry Cream Topping with pretty little flowers! 

The raspberry cream is not too sweet and it is made of fresh raspberry on the day itself! *drools* 

Next! CHOCOLATE CREAM with Silver Balls !!!! 

Tell me How pretty it is ? You just want to sink your teeth into them ! *CHOMP* 

Now for the most pretty basic Vanilla Frosting Cupcake ! 

Look at the pretty green minty colour! 

Now, Feel like ordering them already? Let me tell you the super affordable price for the freshest ingredients used to make these yummy cupcakes!

Minimum order of 6 cupcakes at 1 time!

Basic Vanilla Frosting Cupcakes: $3/each
**Can choose any colour you want for the frosting

Chocolate Frosting Cupcakes: $3.50/each

Raspberry Frosting Cupcakes: $4/each
**Other fruits available, just ask !


Email or for orders or more information NOW!
Or you can tweet @ehmiraah or @Michhysaurous to ask!
Asking is Free one !! 

Enjoy ! XOXO,