Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kim Gary !

HEY! As the title says, I went to Kim Gary at Vivocity for the first time ! hahaha!
Noob shit me, I've been to the one in malaysia and this is the first time i've been to the singapore branch. 
Hahaha, le me and le boyf went on a saturday and it was super packed! Luckily we got a small little cosy corner to ourselves :)

Cream Soup! Super Yummy!

Le Boyf Minestrone Soup, Not bad too!

Ice Yuan Yang that both of us ordered! Its a must have for us when we go to hongkee shops!

My fish Baked rice. Dry fish ):

Le boyf Pork Chop Baked Rice! Tender Pork Chops man!

Then we took a bus ride to go Peninsula area to buy some things. We saw a striking vehicle on the road, but now this type of vehicle must be hated by some. (you will know if you are singaporean) :/

Picture bomb of me and my boyf. Sorry my make up looks like kanasai, I wasn't 100% recovered from my sickness that time. BEAR with it! :)

Look better like this ?

Le boyf not coperative. >:)

In the end, I directed le boyf to the wrong place and we had to walk a long distance to our destination. oh god.. But I manage to snap some pretty pictures of the place!

All of the pictures above are taken with my olympus mini! I love love the art filters !! ^.^

& YES ! I FINALLY GOT MY NUTELLA & GO! snack ! i've been looking for it for ages and its really bitchy that only candy empire vivo has it! >:( & it costs $3.90 EACH! $_$ 
But its definately worth the ka-chings yo! Go Buy it Now Before its gone!

Haha, okay ! I shall go have one of it now! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !