Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Birdie Growing Up Process ♥

I think not many of us have this awesome chance of having a little family coming into your life, where you can watch them build their small little family and watching their children grow up.. Well, I did! I had this awesome chance of watching these little willy wagtails growing up outside my house at my pandan leave plant. :')

From Just an Empty Nest

To 2 Little Eggs That were laid the very next day the nest was built. 

Then came these 2 little birdies, welcome to this world my love. 

And Im watching them grow up, day by day, its such a wonderful experience <3 

Take a look at this video that I took of the little birdies . :) 

But My little Birdies Have Flown Away, No more Cute Little Birdies.
Bye little birdies, I will miss you guys, Although I do hear you guys chirping outside my house sometimes. ♥♥♥