Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Stuffs !

Hello My Dear Readers! Here I've come again to tantalize your taste buds (eyes, since you are reading this post) with sweet treats to die for!

1. MAZARU CREPE @ Liang Court Basement

Strawberry with Brownie and Custard Crepe

Caramel Cheesecake Crepe

Caramel Banana Crepe

Chocolate Strawberry Crepe

Then of course, Go to liang court, how can miss the Japanese Supermarket there?
Go Shop at Mei-di ya!

Flavour Changing Sweet? 

Cute Panda Head Biscuit 

My Steal from Mei-di ya!
Meiji Matcha Chocolate stick, Mentaiko Pasta Snack, Grape candy, Milk candy, Grape Gummy Candy & Japanese seasoning to put on rice! 

Matcha Chocolate Sticks!

Mentaiko Pasta Snack 

Grape Gummy Sweet (Cute Packaging = BUY!)

Grape Hard Candy 

Next ! Some French Dessert For you ? :)


Meringue !

Just Look at the nice decoration of the place :)


Hazelnut, Chocolate & pistachio with Raspberry!

Super Yummy !

& of Course, Who can resist Fruit Paradise ? ;)
Strawberry and Mango Tart with custard base, The mango was too sour for my liking.

Ahahaha ! Thats All for now! Want To Slap Me Now ?
Please Dont !! ): If not I cannot bring more yummy food to your eyes ! :)
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