Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yummy Food Continues~

Hi my dear readers, here I am, back with more food places as promised !
Below are some of my favourite Makan Places & I'm here to share them with you, because they are all GOOOOOOOOOOD FOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

Disclaimer: I am a glutton for many food, and Yes Im Fat! I do not mean to hurt my muslim friends with my pork related food choices, I just want to share with those others that can eat these pork related dishes! :)

First Up: Guang Liang Cooked Food 
Where? : Bedok Reservoir Market Blk 631Hawker, Unit #01-35
What?: KUAY CHUP ! 
MUST TRY: Their Intestines !!! Especially their "Dua Deng Tao" !

I love the bits of fried garlic they give with they Kuay! Super Shiokness!

This is a portion for 2 people, Just tell the aunty what you want, e.g: fishcake, egg, braised meat etc, then tell here the number of people eating :) 

Next Up, Chicken Rice, BALL!
Where?:  Hainan Chicken Rice Ball
Shin Boon Hwa Food Centre
43 Jalan Besar (Dickson Road)
8.30am to 9.30pm Daily 
Must TRY: Braised Pork!

You can take a look at ieatishootipost 's post on this place!

Each plate of chicken rice comes with 2 chicken rice balls, and similar to the kuay chup, Just tell the uncle how many person are eating and he will chop the adequate amount for you! :)

So how? Feeling Hungry Yet? Theres More to come!! >:)

Next! High Class Abit! Western Dishes!

Where?: Swensens Parkway Parade Basement
What?: Western Food
Must TRY: Chicken Victoria & Fried Fish with Apricot Sauce

They are having a special set lunch deal, where you can get a free side dish, soup or ice cream with every purchase of a main course! (*Selected items only) Not bad a deal right?

Side Dish: Butterfly Prawns (Slightly Over Fried)

Side Dish: Mozerella Cheese Sticks

Main Course: Fried Fish with Apricot Mayo

Main Course: Fish & Chips (Swensens Classic)

Main Course: Chicken Victoria (Tender Chicken Breast with victoria sauce)

Main Course: Crayfish Pasta (worth your money!)

Main Course: Aribiatta Penne(a little bit spicy)

So did I hear someone's saliva dripping onto their keyboards already? :)

Next! MY favourite Japanese Food!

What?: Japanese Curry Rice and Chinese Dishes
Where?: Luvvy Curry 
430 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh 
Orange Tee Building #01-02
Must TRY: Steamboat!

The Sushi, Mehhhhhh

Curry with Chicken with Rice 

Pork Katsu Curry with rice

Steamboat! 2 soup base, for the price of $13.80++ for 2 person!
In the picture, on the left is the tom yum soup and the right is the original soup!  

& if you choose to add on another $5, you get this plate of goodies!
Just look at the things they have! 2 halved prawns, vegetables and meat! 

Then it comes down to a more proper Japanese Cuisine, :)

Where?: Nihon Mura at Shaw Plaza
What?: Japanese Buffet or Ala-Carte Dishes availble.

So that day, me and boyf went to shaw plaza because balastier food market did not open, ): Wanted to go for the buffet but looking at the price, not ver worth, so we took on the ala-carte choice!

We ordered Shabu Shabu(Pork), wtf, everything I eat got related to pork -.- 

Salmon Skin Sushi, (off the belt, not very crispy already) 

Salmon Belly Sushi, (awesomenessssss) 

Fried Tempura prawn, (sakae does it better, Sushi Tei Does it even better!) 

My bowl of rice, Does anyone have the same liking as me for those brown brown things on the rice that they serve in japanese restaurants? I LOVE THEM!!!

Hahahahahaha! I feel so Evil Showing you so many yummy food here, But they are all taken with my iphone 4S camera, so please bear with me because sometimes its not suitable for me to bring my camera out! :)

I do hope you guys can share with me some of your experience by commenting on this post or tweeting me @Michhysaurous okay ?

Till Then, I will be back with more yummy food! Maybe Desserts? :)