Monday, October 10, 2016

Carmen's Best Ice Cream from the Philippines is HERE IN SINGAPORE!

When you get the name of "The Best Ice Cream in Philippines", your ice cream must be damn good.
But what makes a Best Ice Cream? More Flavours? More ingredients in your pint?

At Carmen's Best, they believe in using the best ingredients and the best method to produce their ice cream. No preservatives added and all natural flavours from the best ingredients they can get.

The eye-opening tasting was held at Mariko's on Jiak Chuan street, this is also where you can get Carmen's Best Ice Cream in Singapore!

Carmen's Best - Who is Carmen?
Carmen is the daughter of Mr Paco Magsaysay, who is the owner of Carmen's Best Ice Cream. What a sweet dad, who happens to product a sweet treat! :P

Mr Paco has a dairy farm where they produce their own milk to use for their ice cream. They control what their cows eat so that they produce the specific quality of milk for their ice cream making. Plus! Their cows get to listen to classical music as well, so happy cows = good quality milk!

And with machines imported from Denmark, it ensures that there are no air inserted into the ice creams to allow customers to get the most out of their purchases. Mr Paco is very into quality and not quantity, unlike the other big brands.

First up, it's the Madagascar Vanilla.
I have not tasted any vanilla ice cream like this in years! They scraped the Madagascar Vanilla Bean to extract all the flavour to make this ice cream and I super love to see the vanilla seeds in my vanilla ice cream, so that I know that they company used real vanilla beans to make one!

Next up is Pistachio! I've always eaten pistachio gelato and hardly had any pistachio ice cream. The mouth feel of their ice cream is very creamy, but not gelat too. Best thing is that they have Whole pistachio inside the ice cream! I ate at least 4 pistachios in a cup.

I love chocolate ice cream and we got to try the Dark Chocolate flavour using the finest Swiss cocoa Powder. I always have a problem of chocolate ice cream getting too gelat(sick) after afew mouthful due to all the added sugars in other brands. However, I could finish this cup of chocolate ice cream with no gelat feeling at all.

Out of the 3, my favourite that night will have to be the Masagascar Vanilla flavour. It's super shiok and the vanilla flavour just bursts in your mouth without leaving a nasty sweet after-taste. And Carmen's Ice cream has a higher butter fat content, which makes the mouth feel really smooth.

You can get them by the pints in if you visit Philippines.
No news of them selling in retail for now. I will update everyone when they are available.

**Update: You can get Carmen's Best Ice Cream from TAP at Capitol Piazza!
Limited Flavours available for now, going at $3.50 per single serve cup!
Flavours available: Dark Chocolate, Brazilian Coffee, Vietnamese coffee, Cereal Milk, Strawberry, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Madagascar Vanilla (My personal fave!), Salted Caramel & Tres Leches!

Don't Say I Bo Share ah!

Carmen's Best Ice Cream

With Love, M

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