Monday, October 31, 2016

Pink Lashes for Breast Cancer Awareness with Vibbly Skin Beauty

October is Singapore's Cancer Awareness Month. And this month lash selection is based on this theme!

I got my lashes done in Pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness! Take a look!

Why breast cancer awareness? It's because I personally have relatives who have suffered from breast cancer. One relative made it thru just by removing one of her breast. However for the other relative, removing the breast wasn't enough. The cancer cells spread to other places as well. It hurts me to see others in pain. Having to take that bag of medicines and not being able to eat everything they desire. It taught me to be ever grateful to whatever I have and whatever I can do now.

Anyhoo, let's move away from that emotional paragraph .. haha. 

Super thankful to Veira for being able to work towards all my request every time! Haha. I just told her I wanted pink lashes to promote breast cancer awareness and tadaaa! I woke up 1.5 hours later to these beautiful lashes! 

Veira also added some gold lashes this time. It's looks so fancy but not too obvious la . Haha. And hor, I think since Halloween is near, having dramatic lashes for this month is perfectly fine, right? Haha . 

These are my previous 6D Lash Extensions after like 1 month or so, Still got alot hor!! Haha.
I super love Veira because she make me feel beautiful without any effort! Haha.

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