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Organic food has been pretty common in the market now and we know that the prices are slightly higher, but did you know why? Why need to be so expensive?
Come join Quan Fa Organic farm Tour with me to find out!

Quan Fa has alot of fresh produce everyday and you will be spoilt for choices in their Cold Storage Room. All the organic fresh fruits & vegetables are availble for your selection and their friendly staff are always around to ensure that they can answer your queries.

Have you see the top of a Radish? Me Neither. The top of a radish is actually very nutritious as well. Great for rabbits to nibble on too!

However, sometimes when the growing gets tough, we have to pull through and emerge with some deformities, but it's alright, because we are still useful! Just like this radish who looks really chill.

After the cold storage room, you will start the tour with 2nd Gen Organic Farmer Mr Liao Jun Jie (JJ). Nope, not JJ Lin but JJ Liao. Haha. We shall start with the sprouts section! These little guys here are the Sunflower Sprouts. Only 7 days old and they can be harvested already. If you grow them fully, they will be really beautiful sunflowers one hor! Haha.

Next up is the Wasabi Sprouts. Nope, they have no link with Wasabi Family at all. Haha. They are actually from the radish family. Then why called Wasabi Sprouts? It's because when eaten, they give off a aftertaste like when you eat wasabi, that's why they are commonly called Wasabi Sprouts. Great for tossing in your salad for a different taste.

Wheatgrass is really common in our local food community. Everyone has heard of drinking Wheatgrass juice for health purposes right? But did you know that every adult can only take 15ml of whatgrass juice a day? Too much of wheatgrass will cause you many visit to the toilet. :/ Everything in moderation can liao ya.

Organic Farming cannot use pesticide, so how do they prevent insects and pest from attacking their crops?
Using these Little Yellow "flags". Insects will be attracted to these strategically places yellow sticky pads and will live the rest of their lives there. Lol. Great ideas for organic farming.

I believe that working at a vegetable farm is really good for the eyes as you will be able to see the lush greenery of your hardwork everyday. Hehe. The perseverance of organic farmers is something we can witness with our own eyes. Aiming to provide the freshest produce.

I don't know about you, but I love spring onions. And Quan Fa's Spring Onions are very aromatic, and it has a sweet aftertaste. Can't explain my pure joy when I got to try it. Great for topping on anything from Ba Chor Mee to Cheese Fries. Hahaha!

Introducing my life savior, No, not that man. It's the Papaya Tree beside him. Did you know that the whole papaya tree has its uses one. Like the Fruit can eat and the leaves can save you from Dengue! Tried & tested myself. You can either blend the leaves and squeeze out the juice to drink or cook the leaves in water and drink the water. Can recommend to your friends ok! :)

Did you know eggplants were grown like this? Hehe. And Quan Fa ensures that each eggplant can receive sufficient nutrients, therefore each stem only got 1 eggplant to ensure the optimum growth!

Cabbages are grown in baskets, but why don't grow together? It is because if 1 basket decides to go astray(bad), they can remove them immediately, and not affecting the other good ones. Clever sia!

As Quan Fa is a family business, here we have JJ's mum scattering the seeds to ensure an even distribution. It's not just simple anyhow scatter one hor, it takes skills and years of experience to ensure that seeds are not overly crowded on 1 spot.

And then with tender loving care, in months, you will see your hard work paid off with greens flourishing everywhere! Such a pretty sight!

As I said, Organic Farming does not use pesticides, so how do the plants stay protected against pests? Some plants have their own protective layer on their leaves to prevents pests from feasting on them. Way to go plants!

Here's JJ explaining to us the weed that grows on itself and many poor farmers eat these weeds while selling 100% of their produce to earn as much profit as possible.

Some plants can so-exist and share the space to grow together. Great community spirit guys!

Here's a peanut plant! Super unnoticeable. Haha. In TCM, it is said that peanut root helps to aid child growth. So it is actually useful too!

This is not a plot of pumpkin but this random pumpkin plant started growing, so Quan Fa just let it continue growing lor. Haha. Bad Ass Pumpkin. Haha!

Bittergourd - People either love it or hate it. I'm the latter one who hates bitter stuffs. Haha. But this is not the usual bittergourd you see in the market. This is the Jade Bittergourd which is rumoured to be more bitter but my friends has tried and said that it is actually less bitter. Hmmm. Personal preference here!

We love Curry leaves in our dishes in Singapore. Laksa, Salted Egg Yolk dishes or even Cereal prawn. But did you know curry leaves are grown on a TREE! It's not from a Bush. Omg. I always thought that they grow in bushes ley! haha. Eye-opener sia.

How does Quan Fa make their compost? They reuse the vegetables that do not make the mark and make them into compost to use it to nourish the crops. Organic way ensure no wastage too! Awesome!


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Thank you to JJ for the warm hospitality and the tour around the farm. I truly enjoyed myself at the tour and i seriously salute them for all the hardwork and dedication to their profession.

#supportlocal !

With Love, M

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