Thursday, September 29, 2016

BIODERMA Sensibio Range available on Zalora

Do you have sensitive skin? What is Sensitive Skin?
Redness? Acne? Dry? Flaky?

I myself have redness on my cheeks and many products in the market that I've tried always led to dry flaky cheeks after using. All are not suitable for my skin type.

I have heard alot about Bioderma Skincare Products and today I'm going to introduce this range that I am eye-ing for sometime.

Introducing the Bioderma Sensibio Range.

The most popular product with tons of online reviews will be the Sensibio H20 Makeup Removing Micelle Solution. It is trusted with its wonderful makeup removing power yet being gentle to the skin as it is made up of only Water! It's non rinse formula can soothe and clear up irritated skin, providing an instant fresh feeling.

Next is the Moisturizer - Bioderma Sensibio Light.
It is a daily moisturizing and protecting treatment for sensitive skin that increase the tolerance threshold. Because maintenance is better than cure, right? :) And it is Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Surfactant free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. 
Fun Fact: Non-Comedogenic means that it will not cause blackheads to form which blocks our pores for absorption.

Eyes are the window the the soul. So caring for the eye area is crucial as well because signs of aging starts from the eye are! OMG. 
Bioderma Sensibio Eye Gel has a new biological breakthrough for sensitive skin, the TolĂ©ridine patent, boosted by the D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) patented natural complex, inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory molecules and thus makes the skin less reactive. It helps reduce puffiness and minimize the wrinkles/crow feet around your eyes.

Lastly, a crucial step to ensure great skin, is to use a soothing mask weekly to ensure that our skin gets the necessary nutrients to stay Moisturized, Feel Comfortable and emit a radiance glow.
The TolĂ©ridine patent used in the Bioderma Sensibio Mask , instantly soothes feelings of overheating, redness and tightness, biologically strengthens the skin's resistance to attacks and increases the tolerance threshold of sensitive skin to restore a radiant complexion.

After reading about all of the benefits, I believe my next skincare switch will highly be the Bioderma Sensibio Range. I can start with the Makeup Removing Micelle Solution. And best of all, I can get it on Zalora, which means I can get everything from Skincare to Clothing or Make up from Zalora. How Convenient!

And Best of all, you can Quote "ZBAPQS9U" when you shop on Zalora to enjoy discounts!

Ciao for now, With Love, M

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