Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rose Gold Hair with Headlines by Artistry

I had a head of golden brown, just like Goldilocks HAHAHA!
I was working it with all possible fashion cordinates and it went really well surprisingly.

But then I decided that the black roots growing out would make me look like I have a Black Crown. #ohno Therefore I went to Elein of Headlines by Artistry to save me.

At first, I want to chop of some of my hair one, hair length change might be a good change also.
But Elein suggested that since I want to cut, might as well bleach them first, to try a different look. So I say, OK ! Lets go!

After bleaching, More Golden than your Gold Bar. Hahaha!

I chose the Mucota Hair Colour V-8 or V-6 I think. It's a purple-ish Pinkish tone.
Super excited when I saw it on the colour chart. Haha.

Final Results: Beautiful Rose Hair. 
It somehow reminds me of Park Shin Hye's hair colour in the drama "Doctors" . Haha. I'm a Korean Princess now~ *wave wave*

The Hair Colour looks even better under sunlight. And hor, I believe that curling your hair makes a whole lot of difference when you take photo. Haha. the hair looks so much better after being curled!

You can see that there are a little different shades of colour as my hair previously was unevenly dyed at home, lol. #baddecisionswhenyouareyoung

Chopped off some of the loooooong fringe to achieve this korean princess look.
I ownself say ownself princess can? Hehe. Some call this hair the Dip Dye, I call it the Park Shin Hye Hair Colour Style. Haha!


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Headlines By Artistry 
10 Anson Road, #03-32 
International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Tel: +65 6223 3133 
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With Love, M

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