Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Excuse to snack all day with Garden Picks

Can I get a hands up to friends out there who love to snack? Hahaha! *Raise hand high high*
I'm really a glutton, I eat many meals a day, hence resulting in my curvy figure. lol!
Garden Picks recently sent over some wholesome healthy snack for me to try and it's really yummy ley!

These Crispy Lotus Seeds are their TOP SELLER! Crunchy and aromatic, it's a non stop popping (into my mouth) action for me! They retail at 3 for $10 or Bulk packets. You can check out the different prices on their website listed below.

Green food is good for you right? These crunchy Green Soybeans (Edamame) is definitely good for you! Green Soybeans are among the few plant-based foods that supply complete protein. If you feel that you are lacking in protein intake, grab a handful of these for the protein boost!

Why have corn chips when you can get the crunch from the real stuff! Haha. These Chilli Corn Nuts are mildly spicy with a refreshing splash of lip-smaking lime. Sibei shiok la the aroma from the corn kernels and the spicy lime taste.

Power Crunch Trio to the rescue! Snack on them without the guilt! 

This baby here is my TOP Recommendation for you! It is the Honey Mustard Soya Crisps from Australia. It is a mixture of crispy, sweet & savory. Super fitting to someone like me who love sweet & savory together! Haha.

If peanuts alone is boring, why not try Garden Pick's Gourmet Flavoured Nuts. The Salted Caramel Peanuts will hit the sweet spot. Great for when you crave a simple snack during the boring hours at work or at home.

These BBQ Rice Crips are yummy and great wholesome snack to indulge in. It's high in fibre, and give you energy + it's LOW in CALORIES! Healthier Option !! The BBQ Flavour will make you finish the whole pack in one sitting. Oops.

Where to get all these delicious, addictive, wholesome snacks?

Garden Picks
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With Love, M

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