Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Very Instagram Worthy Waffles at Les Patisseries

Date of Visit: 28th May 2016
Time: Noon.
Address: 222 Upper Thomson Road S574354

After reading a post on facebook about the beautiful waffles that Les Patisseries offers, my MCSCBABES couldn't resist not visiting them!
Iced Coffee w Lemon
Rose Lychee Raspberry Cake - $10

Highlights of the day, The Waffles of Les Patisseries.
1. Waffle Ispahan - $15.90
2. Thai Milk Tea & Earl Grey Waffle - $15.90
3. Horffles - $14.90

Waffles are so good that baby wants them too!
Look at the cute expression! ♥-

A point to note is that the noise level can get pretty annoying if there are too many people in the shop.
And I checked with the staff, the waffles are not made to order.
The 3 waffles that we ordered, all 3 waffles had 3 different textures. Haha.
My favourite was the Waffle Thai Milk Tea & Earl Grey Waffle. The waffle had a very good texture, crispy & Fluffy. 

Do give them a try, all their sweets are so instagram worthy!

With Love, M