Thursday, June 9, 2016

Michhysaurous Travelogue - PENANG 07 - 10 JAN 2016 PART 2

DAY 2!
A Great day starts with Great Breakfast.
Breakfast with the Campbell House is base on your individual order. We ordered a Egg Benedict, a Ham & Egg Cuppies and Chinese Dim Sum! The fruits, kueh kueh & Yogurt is all complimentary! Our table was so full !!

First Location of the day was to visit Peneng Hill! We took a charted Cab from our hotel to Penang Hill, and the whole journey, the cab uncle was coughing so badly until he vomited. o.o Anyways, time to go onboard the Tram! Tickets for Penang Hill is 30RM for adults!

After a long and winding journey, we've reached!! The view is spectacular! It's like you can see the whole Penang from here!

As you venture further up, you will find the famous Penang Love Lock Bridge. 

The love locks are retailed at 57RM for the most common kind which does not have a key! Haha! Eternal lock ofr your love!

After a good few hours, we made our way down to head over to the Air Itam Market! It's about 10-15 Minutes walk from Penang Hill! You can choose to take the cab! 
Kek Lok Si Temple in the far, Stunning.
When we arrived at the Air Itam market at about 12.45pm, we were frantically looking for the Sister's Curry Mee because they close at 1pm! We finally found them! Our order was like the 3rd last bowl! Super lucky!!

Lim sisters Curry Noodle 
Air Itam Market Under a Huge Tree
Operation Hours: 0800 - 1300 (or until sold out)

Thank you 2 awesome ladies for perservering through all these years to bring everyone delicious curry mee. They are still working hard at their old age. Using only the charcoal fire to cook the curry broth, it brings out the flavour to whole new level!

We sat at a Drinks place opposite the curry noodle store and look at my dabao-ed Bandung. Haha.

Next stop at the FamousAir Itam Market Penang Laksa!

This is sooooooooooo good! It is very aromatic and there is NO fishy smell/taste too. It is so delicious and the broth was so addictive. My first experience with Penang Laksa and I fell in love. I came back to singapore and tried the ones in Singapore, oh my tian not nice one. Haha!

After lunch, on our way to the Kek Lok Si Temple, we pass by this shop that sells handmade Dragon Beard Candy! Its fascinating to see how they made it from just glucose and powdered sugar!

After a good 15 minute walk up to Kek lok si temple, we finally reached!!

Kek Lok Si Temple (极乐寺)
86 S, Jalan Kampung Pisang
11500. Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang

After exploring the stunning Kek Lok Si Temple, we walked down to take a cab back to our hotel. But then we were hungry, so we went to a cafe nearby our hotel.
Pik Nik Cafe
15 Jalan Nagor
10500, Georgetown, Penang
Main Attraction: Waffle Burger!

After Pik Nik, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and rested awhile before heading out to the Night Market located on Lebuh Kimberly (Kimberly Street)!
Top of our List is the Duck Kuay Chap! We bought the LARGE bowl to share and I can safely say that it's NOT enough! Haha.  They have duck porridge also, so you have a choice la!

Shan Tou Jie 四果汤 is like a simplified version of our Singapore Cheng Tng but still great for cooling off the hot weather in Penang.

LOK LOK TRUCK! My Virgin experience with Lok Lok went to the Kimberly Night Market. HAHA! It's so fun choosing your own skewer and dipping them into the bubbling pot of soup. Pair them with the variety of sauces for multi level experience! :)

After that, we continued our journey to the Chulia Street Night market! We went there very impromptu-ly and googled furiously on our phones to find what's nice. Haha. We found this stall mend by a old couple selling fried stuffs. They are famous for their Yam Ball which has Char Siew in it!!

And then we turned around, intending to head back to our hotel, we spotted this push cart with many people. So the Singaporean instinct in me told me to go queue up also! Hahaha! It was just selling APOM la. Long queu because the aunty makes them fresh upon order. I spoke to the aunty a little and realize that she has been selling at this spot since at least 30 years ago! 

After all that food, we went back to the hotel to wash up and rest for the night. What a long day we had. Can't wait to wake up to more exciting adventures tomorrow! 

Till then, with love from Penang Hill.

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