Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hot Summer Spicy Thai Thai Cafe

Summer is here and the hot weather makes me think of Bangkok! And when I think about Bangkok, I think about all the delicious food!! Although I can't be travelling to Bangkok anytime soon, I've found a place which serves delicious and quality assured Thai food!

It's not my first visit to Spicy thai thai and I must say their food quality have sustained since then, which makes it a great place to visit for friends gathering too!

Let's start off with the Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice (usual single person portion is $6). This portion is for 10 people la, and the chef was so cute to make it into a heart shape for us. Hehe. If the Tom Yum flavour could be stronger, I would love it more! Haha.

Then we tried the Stir Fry Basil, Minced Chicken & Long Beans ($10) & BBQ Japanese Squid with Roe (Seasonal Price). How can we visit a thai food place without ordering stir fry basil meat ley? Haha. The addition of the long beans gave the whole dish an upgrade with the crunch! Yummy!

Beer buddies, this Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce ($10) is a MUST Order! The crispy vegetable does not even taste like vegetables anymore! and when you dip in the special thai sauce, it's a whole new wooooooooorld! Hahaha. Not forgetting the Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad (Seasonal Price), it is fried to a crisp that you will have no worries with the bones and the flesh is still really tender!! Shiok la!

And for that special someone, you can order the Fish Maw Crab Meat Abalone Soup in Coconut ($28) & Hommok (Thai Style Otak) ($18) to impress them on the first visit! The fish maw soup has a very unique coconut aroma in the soup which makes it really impressive, who knew they go well together? The Hommok is real different from the usual otak we have in Singapore. This one is served in a coconut shell and it has more seafood ingredients inside than the Otak la! Haha! I can finish 1 by myself! :P

Spicy thai thai's BBQ Pork Belly ($18) is real aromatic but I personally prefer the Pork Collar version la! Less fat! hehe. 

Lala fans rase up your hands! The peppery Lala Bee Hoon ($18) is the dish for you! Aromatic and full of flavour with fresh lala. I think 1 person can finish lor! Do NOT mistake the Thai Style Curry Crab (Seasonal Price) for Salted Egg Yolk crab hor! This thai style curry crab is very aromatic and addictive! I would say it better than many crabs out there! Please try it!!

This is NOT Fried Egg! Haha. It's not a Orh Lua also. This Stir-fry Fish Maw, Crab Meat & Bean Sprouts ($18)

Thank you to Spicy Thai Thai for the hospitality! I enjoyed all the dishes and I was SOOOO Full at the end of the meal!

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe
115 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-35 
Singapore 380115
TEL: 6747 8558

With Love, M