Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Healthy Snacking with Granola and Quiona from Garden Picks!

I love to snack, I would snack 24 hours a day if I could. Haha! I bet you know that snacking can be healthy too! By snacking on the right food, it keeps your body healthier and also maintains your weight even though you are eating more things! Awesome! haha.

Recently I got some wholesome snacks from Garden Picks and I'm adding them to my snack diet now! Check them out!

I got to try out the following five(left to right)
Black Chia Seeds, Superfood Granola (with chia seed), Superfood Granola (with quinoa),  Black Forest Granola and Organic tri-colour quinoa. 

Look at the Superfood Granola with Chia Seed or the one with Quinoa. They are packed with the different nuts for a well balanced healthy snack which you can indulge without the guilt. You can enjoy them on its own or another idea would be for you to add them to your plain yogurt for a delicious & healthy breakfast!

FUN FACT: Quinoa is pronounced as "KEEN-WA" instead of "QWEE NO AH".

With all those delicious cafe food that attracts me daily, I believe that I should indulge in healthier snack so that we can balance off the guilt! Haha.

Cheers to healthier snacking with Garden Picks!
Check out what else they have to offer on their website!

With Love, M

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