Monday, April 25, 2016

The Music Run by AIA 2016

I HAD SO MUCH FUN AT THE MUSIC RUN by AIA! It got me this lazy bum out to enjoy the sun, the sweat and the music! 

When the doors open at 3.30pm, we rushed in to get these colourful socks and my obsession for caps urged me to get the OFFICIAL MUSIC RUN CAP! #LiveTheBeat 

Believe it or not, at 3.30pm, everyone was really high and enjoying themselves with DeeJays from 98.7 FM and Australian Rising Star DJ Sam Withers! Singaporeans are so filled with high energy levels even under the HOT sun! The Sam Willows came on at 4.15pm and the crowd went wild!

We were then lead by Fitness First for a pre run workout to get our bodies prepared. And finally it was time to head over to the Starting point for the first asian stop for The Music Run 2016! See the flag bearers leading the way!

We were sent off in batches and I had to catch a selfie with this cute guy in his "uniform", Haha too cute.

Presenting my partner of the day, Celes, also known as my Bae. We had a crazy time together and I would sincerely invite everyone to take part in the music run next time as it is such a fun run that it didn't feel like a marathon at all! Hahaha!

There were 5 different zones sponsored by all the wonderful sponsors for The Music Run!
1. AIA Rock Zone (experiences completed with Harley Vrooming)
2. Pop Zone (experience completed with Giant Candy balls)
3. Old School Zone (experiences completed with pop stars doppelgangers)
4. AIA Hip Hop Zone (experiences completed with graffiti walls and cars & live graffiti artist)
5. W Dance Zone (experiences completed with Killer Selfie Props)

Here's me at the finish line. I survived!!! Everyone was rushing through the finish line! Hahaha! I'm so glad I finished the run unharmed, except my back was really aching afterwards.

After the run, we refueled with some delicious Chilli crab Nachos from The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels) - $7.90 for this portion. Damn Shiok la after a run!

The Coffee Bandits were there too alongside a special woobar which W hotel brought out. A great chill out area with great drinks & chomps. 

After the drinks & noms, me and bae made our way to W hotel early so that we could freshen up before the after party at Woobar! 

But little did we know that in the end, it was only the 2 of us waiting for DJ Sam Withers in Woo Bar from 8pm till 10.30pm. T__T DJ Sam Withers did not play on the deck at all and we decided to leave after waiting for so long. The last shuttle bus out from W hotel to Beach station was 9.30pm, huuu huuuu. I could have saved $$ if I knew nobody was going to be at the After Party at Woobar. 

Anyhoo, I enjoyed myself alot during the run and with the company of my bae, the worst doesn't feel that bad afterall.

Thank you to Ninemer PR for the invite and I love to be back next year!
Thank you to AIA for bringing back The Music Run this year and I will take part next year again! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! 

With Love, M

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