Monday, January 5, 2015

COUNTDOWN TO 2015 with Siloso Beach Party!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyya Everyone! Hows 2015 So Far? I started 2015 with something new.. Clubbing my night away at the Siloso Beach Party!! Wooooohooooo! Thank you SPRG for the invite the Asia's Largest Beach Countdown!!! Here's my make up of the night. Sporting the bright lippie is a must right?? 
Eyeliner- K-Palette 24Hr lasting eyeliner, Lip - Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 12

Met Ed at Vivo for dinner first and shopped around while waiting for Tiffany to arrive to go in together! When we were inside, it was already 1130!! We rushed to the main arena to join everyone for the countdown and to see the fireworks!!

Headlining the party was one of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, Zurich-raised DJ Mike Candys together with other international and local disc jockeys including DJ Shy, DJ Tinc, DJ Jensen, and DJ Jenni-F. Across the sandy beach spanning 1.2 kilometres, seven stages and acontinuous line-up of DJs kept the energy at an all-time high with smooth transitions from trance, electric, house, trap and other genres of music to remixes that left the crowd cheering for more. 

Check out the New Year Fireworks which was MORE THAN 2 minutes!!

My Companions of the night, although Tiffany left around 1plus! I seriously recommend everyone to attend this countdown party at least once in your lifetime! Feel the vibes and the cheers and the passion radiating off everyone!! Scream along, dance along, drink together.. Get High together!!
Ed, Me, Tiffany!

The Famous Foam Pool Which alot of people enjoyed.. I did not bring an extra set of clothes, so I did not go in, though I did stand by the side and see people enjoy themselves! :) I'm actually regretting a little for not stepping in!! I will NEXT YEAR!! PROMISE!!!

After that, we headed to check out the different clubs that were all free for all to enter that day! My first time in clubs in SENTOSA!!!! -SCREAMSSSSSS- I went to all 5 different party zones but I personally love Azzura and the Main arena the most! I'm definitely a awkward penguin when it comes to dancing in a club but a little alcohol helped with the groove. Hahahaha! I love it!

I even stayed till 4AM to catch a Glimpse of Famous Local DJ, DJ TINC - She's Beautiful & Talented and so Attractive!!  But after that I cannot already.. Alcohol effect wears off, Sleepiness kicks in.. Time to head home. 
Main Arena
But how the heck do you get out of Sentosa at 4.30AM in the morning? You walk your way out! Hahaha! I'm so blessed to have Ed with me throughout the night, protecting me like a princess, making feel things I've never felt before in my previous relationships. With him by my side, everything seems to be less scary. The dark and winding road that we need to walk in order to get out was nothing but scary if I were to take it alone, but thankful there's Ed, holding my hand tight and guiding me through..

I wish you, yes the one reading this post now, to have a awesome 2015 and to be able to feel loved and happiness from everyone around you. Dump those negative energy aside and just enjoy the moment, irregardless of what it is.. It may be eating your favorite artery clogging Double Mac Spicy with Upsized Fries & Coca-cola or trying out something new like bungee jumping? Lets make 2015 a greater one and Thank you for supporting my humble blog, I will work harder to share more things with all of you!

With Love, M