Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cedele by Bakery Depot - Eat Well Be Well


At Cedele, they offer classic comfort food with a creative twist, blending traditional foods with flavours from our culinary roots for delicious cross-cultural dishes. With their extensive bakery selection as well as the various outlets, some with All-day-dining options that serve starters, mains, desserts and artisan coffee & tea options.

I visited the Wheelock All Day Dining Branch one fine evening to try out their all day breakfast! This outlet has a baked good section as well as homemade items like Jams and Chips. They even have the Chinese New Year Goodies displayed as well!

 I was seated in the restaurant for a good 20 minutes while waiting for my friend to arrive and I was not served a glass of water at all. So I thought that maybe we had to order stuffs first before getting served drinks, so I waited for my friend to arrive, ordered. Still no water served. You may say that I'm kicking a fuss over this but why does every table occupied in the restaurant has water being served except mine? I had to request for the water. What is this?

Tea Lovers Rejoice! Cedele serves Caffine Free Wellness Teas!

Just like the Wolfberry Longan, It contains Longan with wolfberries & Red Dates, sweetened with organic unrefined sugar, is a very good blood purifier that can also improve eyesight & enhances the immune system. It's a recipe that we can all try at home for a better health!
The Earl Grey Lavender - Ceylon, Oolong and Darjeeling estate tea leaves delicately infused with oil of bergamot and combined with blue lavender. Perfect for a morning pick-me-up ot as a late afternoon treat. Pictured is only a cup because it was complimentary from the Big Breakfast Set ordered.
Wolfberry Longan ($5.80 per pot)
Earl Grey Lavander Tea ($5.80 Per Pot)

Patty Cakes consist of Crab Scallion and Spiced moist Chermoulah Chicken, served with Citrus Lime Sauce. I personally prefered the Crab Scallion as it was more juicy and flavourful, the spiced chermoulah chicken patty was not as juicy however.
Patty Cakes ($10.00)

When I saw the Chilli Crab Pasta on the menu, I had to order it because the Singaporean in me was screaming for it. Crabmeat cooked with Red Chilli Tomato Sauce, finish with spiced Soft Shell Crab. The first plate came to me where the pasta was not cook thoroughly, a little surprised, I sent it back to the kitchen. 2nd plate came, pasta was more cooked but to me it still was a little tough, maybe it's because I like my pasta softer. The aroma of the chilli crab was pretty strong but the taste did not manage to match up to the aroma. Maybe it was my pasta choice.. just maybe..
Chilli Crab Pasta ($17.50)

I love Breakfast for Dinner. Cedele's Big Breakfast Set was a hearty one. Consisting of Brioche, Bacon Rashers, Sausages, Scrambled Eggs, Mushrooms & Tomatoes. With a Choice of Long Black or Tea. My favourite on the plate would have to be the scrambled eggs, they are done just the way I like them, fluffy and a little creamy. 
Big Breakfast Set ($18.80)

And what's a meal without desserts right? Caramel + Sea Salt + Cheesecake = YES PLEASE! A very smooth Cheesecake with Toffee Sweet & Salty Combination, perfect for those who are afraid that cheesecakes are too sweet, this one's for you! The Apple Cinnamon Pancake Fell short as it wasn't fluffy enough and the cinnamon apples were not mushy enough. The scoop of their home made ice cream did make it all better though. :)
Apple Cinnamon Pancake with Ice Cream ($10.20 Single Scoop / $13.30 Double Scoop).
Caramel Sea Salt Cheesecake ($6.50/ Slice)

Cedele (Wheelock Outlet)
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
T: +65 6732 8520
Daily: 10am to 10pm

Thank you Cedele for the invite.

With Love, M