Friday, March 7, 2014

Morsels - 35 Mayo Street

Tucked away in a small alley in between Bugis and farrer Park is this quaint restaurant opened in Mayo Street is seriously not somewhere I would head to to look for a meal, but I did not regret 1 bit after I found this Gem. I got the chance to visit this beautiful place with the invite from Karen ( for Foodmento Launch and I have ever since fell in love.

Let's head on with the food. Morsels serves up Italian/Mediterranean food which in my opinion, was done well! Just like the compressed watermelon salad, hands up if you have heard of compressed watermelon, Well I certainly have not and I am pleasantly surprised by the whole salad with the jelly like watermelons.

This seemingly harmless looking Firecracker Pull Pork pasta dish is something you wouldn't expect to be spicy, not from the marinate but from the green substance which was derived from a spicy pepper which, when mixed within the whole dish , gives it a wonderful flavour with a tinge of spiciness which I found it just right. The Clams were heavenly, I could finish off 2 bowls of it if I am allowed to! -Craves- 

My favorite of the night had to be the grilled squid on squid ink risotto with salted egg sauce! The presentation of this dish is so simple yet when you take your first bite , you will fall in love with it (I'm not too sure how your date might feel though, lol).
Butcher's Cut was beautifully cooked with a beautiful shade of pink still visible. Meat is tender and just the right amount of chewiness, Mmmm..

Limited Desserts on the menu but it is worth a try, like the milo-tiramisu combination. Mmmmmm..

With Love, M