Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Sample Store Giftopia Event

Gifting - it is something we all love. We all love receiving gifts, but how many times have we gifted back? Gifting isn't about the most expensive gift. As christmas is approaching, it is time for us to give thanks to people we love and appreciate throughout the year.

I attended the Giftopia event organized by The Sample Store and there were so many things to see! From Ceramic pieces to Jewellery to Make Up Brushes from 13rushes and more! There is something for everyone! 
The Ceramic pieces from Euphoramics are really beautiful and I love that Tea Pot set which has the uneven sides which makes it really unique! Haha. No care was given about standardization. Hehe.

If you are thinking of getting chio cards or crafts for this christmas, Check out Honey & Gazelle, they have alot of beautiful and simple designs! Suitable for all types of occasions!

If you have that friend who is ALL about accessories, you can visit Latch Handmae Singapore! They are a wide array of unisex designs, suitable for couple accessories right!? Idea Idea~

And something for your BFFs? Check out Curious Creatures. Jewelry are inspired by geometric shapes and organic structures. Minimalistic lovers raise your hands.

Makeup junkies~ Look here!! Support Local, Support 13rushes! Known as Brushes or Thirteen - rushes. Founded in 2013, 13rushes aims to create exceptional synthetic brushes that are kind to animals. And they recently launched their Breast Cancer awareness series which are a beautiful shade of rose gold.

Have you heard of Karmart? They are a importer, exporter and a cosmetic distributor from Thailand! At Giftopia, I saw this brand called REUN ROM. They have hand creams and soap bars in really interesting flavours like Mango Sticky Rice or Lemongrass! And the colours are so cheerful, it's great as gifts to give to all office colleagues.

I saw this really interesting brand called Harvest Care. They have Emu Oil products which I heard are really moisturizing and effective. Then I saw the 100% Natural Coffee Scrub. I am so interested to try it out!! Has anyone tried this before?

And the highlight of my visit to Giftopia - was to get inked!

No, Ma, dont worry. Not real one. Its draw one, use marker! Haha. Thankful to Christopher Sim (Instagram: @chrispy_sim) and Martin (Instagram: @martiniambrose) for their skilled artwork which made me look really cool for 2 days! Haha!

Thank you to The Sample Store for organizing this wonderful Giftopia Event and introducing the many brands to us. Do remember to check out The Sample Stores for all the FREE Samples!!!

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With Love, M

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