Thursday, November 3, 2016

Puvay latest Beauty Collagen Drink with Natural Fruit Puree!

Collagen drinks are like our cheat to beautiful skin because they are made to be really yummy & sweet! But is all that sweetness natural? Will it cause us diabetes? Haha. Sometimes these thoughts will run through my mind when I consume a beauty drink.

I got invited by Puvay for a afternoon tea time with their 4 new latest Fruit Puree Collagen Drink that is produced in Singapore! Fruits have natural sweetness and the sweetness of fruits vary from batch to batch. Therefore Puvay's Beauty collagen drink is suitable for everyone!

Puvay uses Korean Marine Collagen Peptides molecules which are much smaller in size, which allows faster absorption by the body. Each Puvay collagen drink contains 8000mg of low molecular weight Korean Marine Collagen Peptides which are also odorless.
PLUS! Puvay also uses a natural sweetener, stevia, in their drinks to lower the number of calories of their drinks.

We got to make our own fruit cocktails with all fresh fruits like Oranges, Kiwi, Blueberries and more! And we can just add the Puvay fruit collagen drink and Viola~ Pretty yet healthy snack!

For more information, you can check out the range on Each bottle of Puvay Fruit Puree Beauty Collagen Drink is retailing at $7.00.

Good thing must share, So I got lobang I share with you all!

Quote "PuvayMichhy" when you purchase on to enjoy 10% OFF on all the 4 flavours Beauty collagen drinks! Promo code valid until 30th November 2016~

Stay Beautiful!

With Love, M

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