Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sophisca New Candy and Gift Store at Marina Square!

Giving out candies as gift is no longer just for the kids. Sophisca's New Candy & Gift Store will get you excited irregardless whether you are 8 or 80 years old! The vibrant colours in the shop is an instant mood booster!

Sophisca offers a wide range of products for you to choose from. Chocolates, Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Gummies, Popping Candy, Marshmallows etc!

This year, Sophisca came up with some new interesting candies that upon the first look, you really can't tell that they are candy right??

And what about super convenient edible coloured ink! Haha. Delicious & Pretty & Useful! Use it to decorate your cookies and the possibilities is endless! With 6 pastel coloured inks to choose from, I'm sure both adults & kids will have a wonderful time decro

Sophisa has so many things that are making my young girl heart melt. And look at these cute chocolate boxes. These 12 designs are specially created for SINGAPORE only! How cool is that! All that Singlish Lingo, It's a great gift for your foreign friends who visit Singapore and you can even get them to try guessing each of them!

Other than the special Singapore Edition packaging, Sophisca has more than 50 different types of cute packaging for you to choose from. The different coloured boxes contain different flavours of chocolate, so you can customize them to your own liking too! 

Sophisca is definitely my To Go place to shop for gifts now!
Check them out at Marina Square #02-32.

With Love, M

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