Thursday, May 19, 2016

Does Passion still pay ?

"Success comes from knowing what you don't know, more than coming from what you do know" - Ray Dalio

People expect you to do what you love, for FREE
Some people choose their career depending on 100% Passion, while others on 100% Pay.
But will doing things you love passionately ultimately bring you the pay you need for survival?

As you have notice, I've been blogging lesser and lesser. Not that I have lost my passion, it's just that I'm so caught up with work and personal stuff that I'm hardly updating on social media too!
I'm sorry to be missing in action recently and I really really can't wait for more time to create better blog posts, to be able to share recipes or beauty products with you again! I want to be able to travel and share my experiences with you guys too. (although I know my *cough* super overdued Japan Trip *Cough* post is like halfway there. And my Hong Kong trip last year also not up yet. Lol)

I would seriously recommend everyone to save up to travel the world. Anywhere is good. Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Spend time to collect memories instead of things and life will be much better.

So, does our efforts on our blog and sharing passionately on our social media get recognized? Sometimes I don't think so. But what about on the marketers end? Are they able to engage the right person passionate enough for their desired profile? No. Sometimes all we need is a platform where influencers can get paid for their time and effort spent on their works. what they are passionate about and marketers can better identify the right influencer for the job.

Just recently, I found out a website called CatJira. Yea, what is CatJira ?
Well, CatJira was started to help influencers and marketers solve their challenges.

For influencers, producing good online content for their fans is a labour of love, sweat and tears. A lot of time and effort is spent to ensure their fans enjoy their content. And even though the content can garner a larger audience, it is difficult to be financially rewarded for it. Influencers have to regularly produce quality content in hopes to monetize their content consistently.

For marketers, finding the right influencers and working with them can be difficult. Marketers rely heavily on personal contacts or search aimlessly on the web for influencers to suit their campaign needs. They have to spend hours screening the online profiles of influencers before deciding who to hire. And when they do decide to work the the influencer, they have to figure out how to best collaborate with influencers, what are the right tools for the collaboration. Most importantly after the collaboration, marketers may get little response from influencers for their reporting, making them unable to measure the effectiveness of their work.

Realizing this, #CatJira was built to solve the challanges above. They aim to make influencers and marketers more successful.
So Join me, Write with your passion. Share your experiences.
 Check out my CatJira profile:

With Love, M

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