Wednesday, October 7, 2015

White Sands Flea Carnival

Hello Everyone! Here's a small update about my Flea experience with White Sands. 
I'm having another Flea coming up on the 11th of October at Lucky Plaza with more things with my sister! So there will be clothes ranging from S to XXL! Haha. Confirm got something for everyone!

Flea Experience:
Ok back to the flea at white sands, thank you for White Sands for sponsoring me a booth for me to clear my exploding wardrobe! At first sales was not that good I guess it is because of the hot weather. But later in the evening, more and more people came and business picked up quite abit and we dropped our prices to $2 EACH!! So What's not to grab? We have Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Lizzie and etc, selling at $2 really a Steal lor! Haha.

Other Vendors:
Check out my noob attempt at making some short vlogs about the flea, There were many other awesome bloggers with their good deals too. There was a adoption drive from SOSD, all the doggies are so cute and I wish I could really adopt 1 home.. :( Wish I could do something for them to get more people to adopt them. They are all so loving.

Tam Chiak Eating Experience:
The Food shops there were also very addictive. I had Satay in a cup, Prata Pizza, Churros from Bakes & Crafts and my New Found Favourite - Chomel Bakes. Their Cakes are so delicious but their Truffle dishes are to die for. Why they so generous with the Truffle oil? So Love! Haha!

Ok, Check out the Videos that I've made and do come look for me at Lucky Plaza on 11th October 2015!

See you!

With Love, M