Monday, October 19, 2015

Going Red with Linus at Headlines by Artistry


WARNING - This will be the most exciting hair makeover post to appear on this blog till date. Please prepare yourself.

It started afew days before the Appointment that I was browsing for hair colour ideas to suggest to my stylist Linus to get his "approval". Haha, yes, He is in charge of my hair now because he saved it! He is my 救发恩人! It wasn't until the day of the appointment that I decided to get it to this change of colour. I'm not even sure if it NSFW (Not Safe/Suitable For Work) Here's my hair colour after 2 months, I'm still loving the dark hair on me but its good to have changes in life. 

Part 1 of my hair transformation, Can you guess what am I doing with my hair? 

Those were highlights! Copper Highlights to be exact! But the colour looks so orange right! But very interesting lor!

And now, its time to showcase the hair colour of my choice! It's RED!!! Yes! Haha. I have been wanting to try out red hair for many times but because of the concern that Red is very hard to strip off, so I have been putting it off for awhile now, but I guess it now or never right? Haha. 

I am SOOOOOOO in love with the results! Haha! I feel like I'm so much fairer! Which is such a good thing because no need to do whitening! Lol! The red on my head is not too striking and it is definitely Safe For Work! Haha. Now I am officially a Red Head! And red heads have more fun right?

Must insert some selfie here with my new hair. Can you see those Copper highlights? It's not very obvious but it adds on texture to my hair and and my hair looks like it has more body. I quite like this kind of Textured Highlights. Haha. Not like those ah Bengs Highlights! HAHA!

So if you want to have this awesome red hair like mine that is Safe for work, and looks really good, please look for Linus and Quote my name for discount up to 30% OFF!

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 10 Anson Road #03-32 International Plaza
Call: +65 6223 3133 

Inserts a last selfie because I'm in love with my hair so much! Haha.

Till Then, 
With Love, M

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