Thursday, September 3, 2015

Headlines by Artistry at International Plaza - MUCOTA DYNA TREATMENT!


Hello there my friends *flips hair, Flip Right, Flip Left* Oops. Sorry, I was too engrossed with my new hair after getting pampered with the MUCOTA DYNA TREATMENT at Headlines 2 days ago! I am so excited to share this with you because then you will have smooth and shiny hair just like me! *Pretty Hair Club* See how happy I was! Thanks to my hair savior Linus!

A 3 Reasons to why you should choose to do this MUCOTA DYNA TREATMENT at Headlines!

1. You Quote my name got 10 - 30% OFF! BEST reason already!

2. Their Prices are more affordable than some other salons that my friends went to. The treatment price starts from $250 for short hair. My Hair length cost $310.
(PLUS you quote my name got further discount!)

3. This DYNA Treatment Can last up to 4 months, depending on your hair condition. If it is very chui condition, then 2 months would be very lasting already. But if you have healthy hair(not bleached or dyed many times) then can last up to 4 months or even longer!
Before Treatment
Looks healthy because of the hair colour Linus did but Actually very frizzy
See the Ends so Grassy, I think I can almost pronounce them dead. lol

Linus Please Help Me(My Hair)! Always feel Chio infront of Full Length Mirror then Must take photos la. Look like Tai Tai at Hair Salon waiting to do hair treatment anot? Haha!

Hair Treatment Step 1: Apply Cream on Hair and let it sit until hair reaches desired texture

Hair Treatment Step 2: Blow Dry and Kiap (Iron) it straight

Hair Treatment Step 3: After Kiap finish, Apply another cream to lock in the effects of the straightness and moisture.

You must be wondering why my fringe clip until like that - it is because Linus was afraid that after the treatment my fringe will look very FLAT, so he say my fringe no need to do. Haha. I love stylist who cares about customer's well being rather than just trying to sell you a treatment without thinking about the customer.

I am very happy with the end results!! My hair looks like a Wig, lol! So shiny and straight. I remember the last time I had hair this straight was at least 6-8 years ago when I did rebonding. But this treatment is different. It is not as sensitive as rebonding where if you kiap your rebonded hair at a position for too long, the hair will have the shape that you kiap and that's bye bye rebonding. Lol. But this DYNA Treatment is different! 

Super Thank you to Linus again for helping me save my hair. Although I did suggest to him I want to dye those ash colour which is very trendy now, he say cannot because if he do, my hair cannot save liao. Haha! He's so honest about it, which I hardly find at other salons. Well, Honesty is the best policy you know!

QUOTE "Michelle" When you book your appointment with Linus at Headlines Hairdressing at International Plaza Level 3 and get to enjoy 10 - 30% OFF Services!

Maybe it's time for you to try out a new salon if your current one is boring you out. :P

Headlines Hairdressing
10 Anson Road #03-32
International Plaza 
(Tanjong Pagar Mrt Exit C)
+65 62233133

Till Next time,
With Love, M

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