Friday, September 25, 2015

Green Living 2015


Have we all wondered how long can mother earth hold on before she eventually gives up on us? With all our Contributions to hurt her, I would not even dare to think of when will the day will come. Yes, I meant the Global Warming problem that we are facing now. It is as if Mother Earth is angry with us and heating up. I've started on my own to save our precious Earth. My air con is set at 25Degrees at home, and switching off the main switch when I leave home. All these are small gestures towards a greater results!

I was invited to Green Living - The Eco Lifestyle Event to learn more about moving towards a greener life! There were so many things to see! Many fun facts to take note and many interesting hands on activities for young and old! I enjoyed learning about ways I can help Mother Earth relieve some stress and to make sure my children in the future can lead a good life too! Haha, say until so far away, but True what! I old liao I also want a good environment to live in, you don't want meh? Check out the Visuals!

BMW presented their award winning electric and hybrid car, the BMW i3. “These cars are excellent examples of how companies responded to consumers’ demand for more eco-friendly and sustainable products in their daily lives. We believe that Green Living 2015 is an excellent platform for companies like us to showcase our commercially available eco-friendly products to an increasingly eco-conscious population,” said Mr Jan Ehlen, Government Affairs, Head of Representation

Khai, the city farmer from Microgreens, who Shared insights on how to grow our own vegetables and herbs and turn them into healthy meals that nourish our family. And all those microgreens are suitable for the family because there's just the right amount. And look at those Keptin-Jr Plushies, they are imported from Netherlands by a Local Start up called Little by Little. The plushies are made from organic Cotton which is good for children from age Zero all the way up! Little by Little does Children Clothes with Organic Cotton which is very breathable and soft.

The most impressive Up-cycling initiative I saw was this Game console made with all recycled products! It is Totally usable and totally cool to have at home. It has more than 200 Games in that thing please! It has 2 Player Station some more! Haha. They offer a DIY Kit for you to do it yourself at home, Tech Geeks must be screaming like a fan girl now! Hehe. It's pretty exciting!

Did you miss out on this interesting event? No worries, you can still do your part to save mother earth!
Remember to Switch Off, Turn Up and Save up! 

Thank you for reading!

With Love, M

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