Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tee-Saurus - SG50 Special Ice Kachang Tee


This year, it's our nation's 50th Birthday! There's so many celebration going around and everywhere is going nostalgic with flashback from the past. Everything is Localized and suddenly everyone is more united. Tee-saurus has come up with so many LOCAL Flavoured Tees like Satay Man Tee, Chilli Crab Tee, Fly Dragon Fly (The popular Dragon Playground) Tee. 

And I'm wearing the SG50 Special - Ice Kachang Tee! I lovvvveeeeee the mixture of the colours on this one. I love all the other Tees too, And I had such a hard time deciding on which one to choose.

How's my attempt at a Fashion Post? Can anot? Haha! I need to be more flexible next time!
Visit their website www.Tee-Saurus.com for all the designs that made me had a hard time!

With Love, M

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