Thursday, October 23, 2014


This will be a guest post, and the first ever guest post from my sister! Which also happen to be the model for this collaboration with Style Bliss!
- Michhysaurous.

I'm here today to guest post and introduce to you guys about an awesome shop named:
Initially, the kind owner has approached my sister for a sponsored collaboration but after some consideration my sister decided to get my help in modelling the apparels kindly sponsored by
Style Bliss! To make it more interesting, the owner requested for me to do up the post here instead as I'm the one wearing the apparels and will have a better grip with giving feedbacks!

Just in case you don't know me, I'm Janice Lim. Known as @Janxlsm on Ig/Twitter.
Let's kick start this guest post !

The owner of Style Bliss has kindly sponsored me with 2 outfits and I'm really spoilt with choices!
It took me quite awhile to narrow down to the items you will be seeing in this guest post. 

First up:
This is one of the outfits I chose and I would say that if I'm working, I would definitely wear this. Many people are afraid of getting such bright colours but as long as you pair it with something black/white, you're good to go!
I've folded the ends to give it an edgier look and the black peplum top has a very flattering cutting that actually gives you a more defined waist line. The material is so soft and of good quality, you won't mind wearing long pants even with such humid weather in Singapore!

Black & White Checkered Long Top
This is a very versatile piece as you can wear it as a dress if you're petite, a long top or even as a top if you tuck it in with a pair of high waisted shorts! This totally caught my eyes at the very first look as I'm more of a monochrome person than to a colourful one, but there will be days where I feel like dressing myself up in colours.

It is very simple but at the same time, not too casual! If you're wearing it as a long top, it elongates your legs, just look at how long my legs look in the picture above. This outfit is more on the edgy side than to formal, a good outfit to go any day, all day!

Here's some of the details of the long top:
Cuffed sleeves are the thing now and you rarely see dressed/long top with cuffed sleeves! Even though its not in checkered prints, it looks really good!
Also, it has a fake pocket to spice up the top a little so that it isn't too plain and boring, If you're into monochrome apparels like me, this is my top pick for you!

Spaghetti Midriff Top in Maroon 
This is one of the casual look for a day out with your friends or a date. I've always wanted to get it for myself but I'm afraid I can't pull it off so thanks to Style Bliss I get to have a chance to give it a shot! 
You can pair it with shorts/jeans and you're definitely good to go! The ruffles actually gives off the very chilling and relaxed feel to the outfit. The material is so soft and unlike other midriff tops I see online, it isn't too translucent so you don't have to worry!
You can also match this with a bandage skirt and you're ready for a wild night out! Even though there are ruffles, it doesn't make you look fat at all, the curved neck line gives you ample space to match any accessories and pull off a total different look! 

Last but not least, this really cute polka dot skorts! For girls like me, skorts are the best alternative for us instead of skirts! There's also a belt in matching prints where you can tie up and it give you the school girl feel, right a not? 
The skirt is made of satin material so it's very flowy, and since is a skort, you don't have to worry even on windy days as there's shorts inside!
Since it's in polka dot prints, match it with a basic top/ tank and throw on some statement necklace and tadaaa, you're done. Do not match it with prints as it will look very complicated and cause the whole outfit to be wardrobe disaster!

So that's all the apparels that I've been kindly sponsored with and I can say I am definitely satisfied with my choices and its my honour to work with Style Bliss!!! They have many other apparels too on their web store ranging from casual to formal and you'll be spoiled with choices when shopping with them. Hop over to and shop away!

Meanwhile, do follow me on Ig/Twitter @Janxlsm or visit my blog @

Once again, thank you to Style Bliss for this opportunity and also my sister to let me take over her blog for this, and to also kick start my guest blogging experience!

Goodbye reader's of Michhysaurous!