Saturday, October 11, 2014

National Day Shopping with Zalora - Celebrate the Nation's Birthday!

To celebrate the nation’s forty-ninth birthday this year, what better way to demonstrate your love for our nation by donning the national flag’s colours, red and white? Do some National Day Shopping with Zalora!

Dress in Red Dresses! Zalora have a wide selection of brands for you to choose from and here's some of the Red & white Combi that I feel that is suitable to celebrate the Nation's Birthday!

There are a countless ways to get into the Singapore spirit, from I ♥ Singapore t-shirts to red and white-themed fashion apparel. Red, the colour of the top half of the Singapore flag, represents universal brotherhood and equality of man. It is also an appropriately bright colour to pull on for the festivities, or in fact, any activity any day!
Those who prefer a more subtle way of incorporating the colour may opt for varying shades of red, such as burgundy or vermillion. The white in the lower half of the flag represents pervading and everlasting purity and virtue. It provides a clean and crisp contrast as a neutral against the vibrant red.
Don't want to wear Red or White? Incorporate it into the other elements in your outfit, like your Shoes, Your Bags or Your Accessories! A Little goes a long way! >:)

Watches are so easy to match, and I realize that the Brand "SOMETHING BORROWED" has pretty good items like Clothing, bags and accessories at pocket friendly prices, perfect for the inner aunty within me(and you?)
I am a accessories hoarder. I buy lots and lots of accessories and I don't have enough hands and necks to wear them!! I love White and Gold accessories because they are so classic and easy to match with almost any outfit! The Reds may seem loud for some but I like the dash of passion it adds on to my outfit! Both colours are great for everyday wear and best for National day! Hoooray!

These are only the tip of the iceberg at Zalora where you can immerse into the National Day Spirit! Sign up now to not miss any offers! Have a true blue(or red) Singaporean spirit by snatching all items on sale and show them off to your friends and everyone else! I'm definitely heading to shop now! Bye!

With Love, M