Monday, August 20, 2012

Giveaway Winners!


Hahahaha, Hello Everyone! Sorry I took some time to reveal the winners for this Giveaway! BUT I want to thank all of you sweet people who took part in my Giveaway! Muah Muah! :3 I will host more Giveaways and will write more reviews and I hope to get more cute and lovely readers alright ? Wink Wink! ^~*

So, The Winner for Set 1 is:

The Winner for Set 2 is:

The Winner for Set 3 is:

*Round of applause* Congratulations to all the winners!
If you didnt win this time, NEVERMIND! I sure got more items to giveaway next time so check back everyday! *bribe* lols! Hahaha.

So Winners, Please contact me through Twitter @Michhysaurous or email me at for the collection of your prize! :)

Till Next Time! XOXO,