Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Move away Instant Noodles, here comes instant Macaroni!

Yes, you read it, it's Instant Macaroni! Say goodbye to the days of instant noodles only.

Kay's Instant Macaroni comes in 5 different flavours - Chicken, Curry, Tom Yum, Anchovy and Vegetable.

Each packet of Kay's instant macaroni is produced with top grade 100% durum wheat semolina and there is no bitter aftertaste. Best of all, it only needs 3 minutes of cooking time, whereas normal pasta needs at least 8-12 minutes!

No need to boil your soup and macaroni separated anymore because Kay's instant macaroni is non waxed nor fried. No preservatives and it is a local produced Halal product. So everyone can enjoy!

I wasn't feeling so well for the past few days, and I've got a bad throat, so there were many things I couldn't eat. Then I remembered that I had a few packets of the instant macaroni so I cooked the anchovy flavoured one.

Cooking was really easy, just bring water to boil, throw in macaroni and seasoning powder, gently stir and watch your macaroni cook within 3 minutes. You may add in whatever ingredients you like or you can be lazy like me, just add in some fried onions to enhance the flavour will do!

You can get Kay's Macaroni in a pack of 3s at all Sheng Shiong or even on Qoo10!
Now Available @ Qoo10 (Shop Online)

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Thank you Kay's for the delicious and easy to prepare macaroni!

With Love, M

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