Monday, December 19, 2016

Blue Blue Christmas with Artistry Hair Professional

Festive Season is near, Let's get festive as well! Hooray~ After the previous galaxy hair, I am moving on with the creative hair colour. this time I am going under the sea~~ Haha. 

The colour looks different under different light. Sometimes more purple, sometimes more blue, sometimes very ashy. I love it! It's like I'm having my own blue christmas on my head! WEEEEEEEEEE!

And yes, it is the magic work of Elein Chong of Artistry Hair Professional. She has been keeping my hair awesome, helping me get loads of praises from people around me! And I'm back to being a younger me with Bangs! I really can't decide I love bangs or side fringe more, I just keep alternating with both!


Quote "MICHELLE" when you call Headlines by Artistry for an appointment with Elein Chong and you will get up to 30% OFF Hair Services!

Now you can get a MUCOTA Scena ABC treatment + Hair Cut at only $108 for ALL Hair Length!! 
Cheap deal la !!

Artistry Hair Professional don't have festive surcharge! HUAT AH! Faster book your New Year and Chinese New Year slots now!! Remember to quote my name for more discount hor!

You can book your appointments with Headlines on Booksy at your convenience!

I love my hair and I am going to try out bolder make up looks too! Great chance to do so this festive season too! Happy Holidays guys!

With Love, M

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