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TCM Slimming Journey with Dr Huang Jing PART 1

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I better put disclaimer first: Yes, this is a sponsored post. Whether you want to believe me or not is entirely up to you. My results from this Treatment might be different from your results, but I'm sure there are Results. This is no Miracle Treatment that makes you suddenly slim without spending some effort. Diet Control is essential in this journey and I'm sure you will be proud of yourself at the end. And here, I will share with you my journey.

Han Dian TCM Clinic 
930 Yishun Ave2 Northpoint City
#03-15,Singapore 769098
Opening Hours: 1030 - 2130 (Daily)
Telephone No: 6752 8098

I am very glad to be invited by Doctor Huang Jing of  Han Dian TCM Clinic to start on a TCM Slimming Journey. And with that, I was prescribed with some enzyme Ume and Enzyme Jelly to aid in my digestion for the overall weight loss journey. I'm sure you have Questions? Let me try to answer you here. READ TILL THE END FOR PROMO CODE OK?
Dr Huang Jing
Qn 1) Huh? TCM also can do slimming meh?
Ans: Yes. There are afew methods, By Cupping or Accupuncture, It depends on how well your body is doing and reacting to the treatment.

Cupping treatment is a Safe, Effective & Low Rebound Rate slimming method. Cupping treatment helps you adjust your overall internal body qi and also boost your metabolism. Chinese cupping weight loss allows the TCM physician do it on the location of the acupuncture points according to your body's obesity area.

Qn 2) TCM Slimming - Is it safe?
Ans: In my opinion, it is Safe because it does not require me to consume any pills with the treatment session. The treatment sessions are using traditional methods - cupping or Accupuncture, which is widely known to be safe since ancient times.

Qn 3) Wah, Cupping or Acupunture not pain meh?
Ans: Yes Of course will pain (if you have never tried any of them before) Especially for Accupuncture la, because it's Needle lor, but my pain tolerance level very Low, so I feel slight pain. Cupping is more of Aching pain? Because it sucks your meat mah. Haha.
Cups and my cupping marks.
Qn 4) How Long is each Session?
Ans: 1st Session will take the longest time due to the consultation and weight in records etc. The Basic Session is 50 minutes, 20 Mins cupping & 30 mins Cling Wrap. The total 50 minutes will be enhanced by a Negative Ion Machine.

Qn 5) What is the Negative Ion Machine?
Ans: It is a awesome machine that helps enhance the treatement progress. 10 minutes on this machine is equals to 1 hour of Workout Calories burnt! And so, every session is 50 minutes on this machine = 5 HOURS of Exercise worth of Calories burnt!

Qn 6) Wah, the machine so good, so I don't need to go exercising liao la?
Ans: Right & Wrong! Dr Huang suggest that we take on non intensive exercises like Swimming or Yoga or Brisk Walking to aid in the progress.

Qn 7) Then Diet ley?
Ans: Diet Control is very important for the first round of slimming program with them (20 sessions). Try your best to cut down on CARBOHYDRATES, Increase your intake of Vegetables and Fruits and Drink at least 2L of Plain water everyday. Water helps with our metabolism and drinking enough water allows you to detox well everyday. I have not been on a very strict diet la, but there has been no rebounce so far! The Only DEADLY THING IS DURIAN! I ate like 5 small ones and GAINED 1KG omg.
My Diet so far, Cheat days.
Qn 8) How long will I see results?
Ans: The First 3 sessions have to be consecutively done on 3 days. The Results vary from people to people. Dr Huang says that the minimal result also got 1KG, Best Results was 5.3KGS! It ultimately depends on your body.

Qn 9) Who can do this TCM Slimming?
Ans: Anybody also can! But please take note: If you are feeling Extreme Hunger, Extreme Fullness, fatigue, excessive thirst, fever, severe edema (高度水肿), highly allergic skin, skin damage, skin elasticity is poor, serious skin diseases, cancer, active tuberculosis, the menstrual period, pregnancy, Please inform your TCM Physician and avoid taking on the Slimming Cupping Treatment.

I hope this Question & Answer post is informative enough for you. If you have anymore questions, you can comment below, I will try my best to answer it or you can give Dr Huang a call.

Quote "Michelle" and get to try 3 Session of the TCM Slimming Treatment with Dr Huang Jing at only $140!
Han Dian's Telephone number is: 6752 8098 .

My next post will be my first consultation and my experiences for my cupping sessions, how I felt etc. I'm so excited to share with you! 

With Love, M

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