Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Garden Picks for Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year round the corner, It's time to stock up on the goodies to serve visiting relatives and friends, Or just to indulge yourself. Snacking on healthy nuts is a better option as compared to those New Year Goodies la!

Garden Picks have come up with these few CNY special mixes for you!

Peanut Pretzel Choco Mix
My Favourite out of the 4 that I'm going to introduce to you guys!
This is a delicious combination of pretzel pieces and lightly roasted peanuts, mixed with chunky chocolate chips, enjoy a bowl of goodness with milk or simply snack them on their own! I've finished my pack and I'm craving for more!

Trail Mix
Trail & Error Mix I would say. This nutritious and yummy pack is good for energy and a delicious snack in its own. But you can add just anything in it and create your own exciting mixes since there are endless possibilities to this Trail & Error Mix!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Mix
At first I was like, Where? Where got Peanut Butter, Where got Jelly? Haha! I love my PBJ sandwiches! So this is great news for fans out there who can’t possibly munch on sandwiches all day long! The berries taste real good if you eat a whole bunch of them, it tastes like JAM! OMG! Amazing!

Tropica Mix
This mix has fragrant dried mangoes, cranberries and coconut chips, this is an ideal buddy when you want to prep some overnight oats for that wholesome indulgence. Add this mix into your oats, chill overnight and enjoy the very next day. It can certainly be an interesting dessert. The Coconut chips taste a little weird I still prefer my Coconut water & coconut ice cream!

Be sure to check out Garden Pick's website for all the range they have! Not only they are suitable for hosting guest or just daily snacking in the Office! 

Cheers to Wholesome & Healthy Snacking!

With Love, M

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