Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Takashimaya with MOMMA

Trip to Town with my mommy!

On Sunday, we went to 313 Somerset to change my mommy's iPhone!
Then when I reached, Citigems gave me a chance for their lucky draw that day and I acctually got something!

This Pendant! Not Bad Right? Free One! :)

And after that, I went to shop at F21 because they were having 50% Sale!
I wanted to get the piece I saw at VivoCity Branch BUT I couldn't find it anywhere in the 313 Branch ):
But Then I saw this cute minnie pullover! Only $33! hahaha! So I grabbed it since it was the last piece I think. 

After that we walked over to takashimaya to shop around since my momma has $200 Takashimaya Voucher :) Then we saw this pretty YELLOW sports car! Nice hor? :DDDDD

Then Went Toilet So Camwhored awhile.
This was how i looked and what I wore, my black long sleeve chiffon top. 

We were hungry therefore we went to look for a nice place to have lunch and spend our $50 Takashimaya Voucher :) So we saw this Steak & Grill Place at the basement. 

Not a very big place but cosy enough, Its located next to the lift lobby so its easy to spot!

Skip all the rubbish words! Look at the FOOD!

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks! SUPER YUMMY FOR CHEESE LOVERS!  

Soup of the day: Seafood Chowder 

Main Course: Chicken & Ribs Set 

Main Course: Mix Grill, consist of 1 cheese sausage, 1 chicken chop, 1 grilled fish, mash potato, 1 sunny side up & greens :) FOR ONLY $16.90 ! hahaha! WORTH ! 

After lunch we went to walk walk and then I changed into my minnie pullover because I couldnt wait!
HAHAHAHAHA! Desperado Bitch ! 

Thats All! ByeBye!